The 11 Best Chickaboo Memes To Hatch Over The Internet

Because nothing unites people like a giant bird running down a highway.

Cover image via SAYS/Joshua Desmond/Jeff Sandhu

By now, your social media should have exploded with news of the runaway ostrich - Chickaboo!

Some brands jumped on the story faster than this 6-month-old baby bird sprinted down the Federal Highway

Huawei was the first to the party when they honed in on their quick camera action

While Digi decided to make Chickaboo a Ramadan meme

Little Rara Thai Noodle House echoed that sentiment

Then The Beer Factory just straight up got a shoutout from the now celeb-status bird

To use BuzzMe prepaid mobile plans is to run free like giant bird on highway

JC Group, an insurance planner, captioned their image "Life is just like the fast lane"

So get insurance protection while to run 35km/hour down the highway?

So why did the ostrich cross the road?
To get Dominos Pizza's berbuka promo of course!

And it didn't stop at brands, as the Internet took to the bird and provided their own meme-tastic images

If Taylor Swift thought breaking news of Chickaboo's escape would shield her from angry Tom Hiddleston fans... She was wrong.

Chickaboo makes for adorable comic material from Daily Life of Ah Via

Hmmm... I'll just let this one speak for itself.

If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out here!

Posted by Jeff Sandhu on Thursday, June 16, 2016

And don't worry. Chickaboo was rescued, brought home, and is doing just fine :)

Can't get enough of our feathered friend?