[VIDEO/PICS] 10 Crazy Rush Hours You Wouldn't Want to Be Stuck in

In which of these countries do you think the rush hour congestion is the worst? Vote in "Responses"!

1. Beijing, China #rushhour

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2. Thailand #rushhour

While waiting for traffic lights in Thailand.

Image via makeagif.com

3. Malaysia #rushhour

A traffic jam during morning rush hour in East-West Highway connection towards capital city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Image via demotix.com

4. Japan #rushhour

Japanese train station during rush hour

Image via imgur.com

Japanese train station during rush hour.

Image via imgur.com

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5. India #rushhour

Rush hour traffic approaching Gurgaon at the toll tax collection barrier stands clogged due to a local protest by Kuldeep Bishno

Image via amazonaws.com

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6. Hanoi, Vietnam #rushhour

Rush hour in Vietnam.

Image via guim.co.uk

7. Jakarta, Indonesia #rushhour

Rush hour in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Image via wordpress.com

8. Taipei, Taiwan #rushhour

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9. Manila, Philippines #rushhour

Rush hour in Manila, Philippines.

Image via retiringphilippines.org

10. People crossing a street in Shibuya, Tokyo #rushhour

People crossing a street in Shibuya, Japan.

Image via makeagif.com

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