A Head Massage At The Salon & 11 Most ‘Syok’ Moments You Wish Happened Everyday

Ahhhh... so satisfying!

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Don't you just love that super syok feeling when everything is juuuuuuust perfect?

Well, you're going to looooove this! Connor's Stout Porter has taken up the challenge of giving you complete satisfaction... or your money back! Talk about win-win.

All you have to do is order a pint or half-pint of Connor's Stout Porter. If you like it, you can enjoy more at Happy Hour prices all night long. But if you're not fully satisfied with the first pint (or half-pint), you'll get your money back :O

Find out how you can join the 'Connor's Challenge' at the end of this story!

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But first, get yourself in the mood for the ultimate syok experience with these 12 super satisfying moments:

1. When you remove a blackhead strip and get to analyse the results

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It's the simplest, easiest satisfaction to gain ;)

2. When you're the first in line and when you're done, there's a huge crowd of people queuing

Whether you're shopping for new clothes, heading to the bank, or getting gig tickets... It is SO satisfying.

3. When you wake up fresh and fully rested on your day off

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Ooooh that first stretch... and knowing you don't have to go to work. Bliss.

4. When you have an amazing meal at a restaurant and they bring you free dessert

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Decadent goodness for no extra charge? Yes, please!

5. Feeling that burn after an amazing workout

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The afterglow of sweat and hard work is on point. It just feels so damn good when your muscles start to get defined.

6. When you step into a sauna and feel the heat around your body

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That hot steam against your skin... instant relaxation.

7. When your diet pays off and you can finally slip into that pair of jeans

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So. Puas.

8. When you get your hair washed and head massaged at the salon

This is probably what heaven feels like.

9. When your spine cracks during an amazing massage

Crack! Crack! Crack! This is totally syok AF.

10. When you get an awesome bonus at work and get to treat yo' self!

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Spa day? Shopping spree? That new gadget you've been eyeing? Yours! Checking your bank balance ain't never been this satisfying.

11. When you buy flight tickets at just the right time and get a major discount

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So not only are you set for a sweeeet holiday abroad, you also get to fly there for cheap! Hell yeah ;)

12. When you check into a hotel and they give you a free upgrade

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You enter the gorgeous room with a view, take a sip of your complimentary cocktail, and sink into the king sized bed. Yaaaas!

Owh yeah! These 12 little moments sure are syok, but they're nothing compared to the 'Connor's Challenge'... it guarantees satisfaction!

Yup, Connor's Stout Porter is giving you the ultimate experience. The makers of the stout that is just made right are putting their money where their mouth is with the 'Connor's Challenge.' They guarantee satisfaction or your money back!

Here's how the challenge works:
- Order a full pint (500ml) or half-pint (250ml) of Connor's Stout Porter at participating outlets nationwide.
- If you like it, you get to enjoy Connor's Stout Porter at Happy Hour prices for the rest of the night.
- If you aren't fully satisfied with that first pint or half-pint, you'll get your money back. No fine print, no hidden charges :O

But do take note that this is only valid from 17 - 30 April 2017. So hurry, don’t miss out on taking part in this satisfaction guaranteed experience!

Get the full details of this challenge at the Connor's Facebook page now!

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Inspired by the original British Stout Porter recipe, Connor's Stout Porter is perfectly balanced in every way. With just enough bitterness and robustness, the deliciously crisp texture offsets the creamy foam beautifully. Enjoy the essence of the original recipe, perfectly captured by the Master Brewer.

All we can say is, it's just made right ;)

Plus, you can also snag yourself a limited edition Connor's Challenge t-shirt!

All you have to do is take a selfie with one of the roving Connor's brand ambassadors, upload the pic to social media, and nominate your friends to participate. That limited-edition T is totally yours!

Join the Connor's Challenge for your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back ;)

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Enjoy Connor's Stout Porter at Happy Hour prices all night long here!

What super syok experiences do you wish happened everyday? Let us know in the comments below!

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