Do You 'Sayang' Your Car A Bit Too Much? You Might Be Able To Relate To These...

It's a love that drives you insane.

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1. Nobody drives your car other than you. NOBODY!

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You're convinced that your car will get ruined or something bad will happen to it the minute someone else drives it.

2. You really, really HATE it when someone slams your car door

BE. GENTLE. It's not that difficult!

3. Your passengers better not even think about changing the radio station or music without asking for permission

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How dare they press the buttons of your immaculate stereo system and leaving their vile fingerprints!

4. When bird poop lands on your window, you gotta stop your car immediately to wipe it off or it'll be on your mind the whole journey

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*eye twitches*

5. Your car is basically your 'baby' and you secretly talk to it when no one’s looking

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If given the choice to choose between your family and your car... (shhh, nobody needs to know the answer!)

6. One tiny scratch on your car - which probably only you would notice - and all hell will break loose


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Nope, not overreacting at all. Totally appropriate response!

7. The rule of thumb when it comes to eating or drinking in your car? Just don't.

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Your car, your rules. Learn it, live it, respect it!

8. You feel uneasy when you have to park your car somewhere unfamiliar and dodgy-looking

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"The parking safe wan ah? Will kena scratches or not? Scared lah!"

9. You don't mind spending $$$ on modifications for your car, or as you'd prefer to call it - 'an investment'

Your car can bet on getting only the best rims, top window tint, etc.

10. Your car goes to the 'spa' more than you do

If it's not at the 'spa', they can bet on you to still be giving them a nice wash and polish at home.

11. You have a group of car buddies and all you talk about is well... your cars!

Nobody understands you better than them!

12. You have a 'blacklist' of people you avoid having in your car because they're messy or smelly

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They better not leave a mess or light a cigarette in your car!

Clearly, you only give the best your 'baby' deserves and you'll do whatever it takes to protect it!

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