[VIDEO] SAYS Interviews Kucing Happy, Tours His Office And Finally Meets His Human Team

Everything is so mini!!!

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If the many, many Internet memes about them are any indication, it's open knowledge that cats are - indisputably - the official animal of the Internet

Sure, there's Doge... but it's not even anywhere near as famous as Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat! Then there's Hipster Kitty, OMG Cat, Business Cat, Chemistry Cat... the list goes on and on.

So it was quite a refreshing change for Malaysia's often conventional advertising climate when Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) embraced the random quirkiness of Internet memes with a talking cat mascot - Kucing Happy!

Adopted as in conjunction with BSN's 40th anniversary, Kucing Happy is the brainchild of KL-based digital creative agency Fishermen Integrated. In just 6 viral YouTube webisodes, the fluffy grey cat built a huge social media following and even helped the "old" bank make its mark on the younger generation.

At the time of writing, Fishermen and the Kucing Happy campaign has clinched several awards at the prestigious Kancil Awards, including the 'Golden Kancil: Best In Show' and 'Kancil For Good' awards as well as the 'Advertiser of the Year' award for BSN.

Kucing Happy speaks primarily in Malay, but we count ourselves super lucky that he agreed to a 2-minute interview with us and in English too! He's actually quite chatty and, uh, random...

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Watch our little chitchat here:

Afterwards, as Kucing Happy prances off to his happy place, we talked to the people who made him famous a.k.a. the creative team behind the award-winning campaign to find out what it's like to work with the adorable cat mascot

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Shh... don't tell Kucing Happy, but we kinda sneaked into his office. Everything is so... small!

Image via SAYS YouTube

TBH, he was very easy to distract. :p

Watch our interview with the peeps from Fishermen and our mini tour of Kucing Happy's office here:

If you wanna know more about Kucing Happy i.e. what he does for a living and how he's making Malaysians happy 24/7:

One more step to converting you into a cat lover:

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