S'porean Graduate Flies Home So She Could Take Graduation Photos With Her Sickly Grandpa

Her grandparents had been her main caretakers growing up.

Cover image via Little Panny Photo/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

Graduations mark a pretty big milestone in life, so it is only natural that the graduate would want all their loved ones to be there.

In this case, a Singaporean lady flew all the way back home just so she could take graduation photos with her sickly grandfather.

Ranie (left) and her grandfather.

Image via Little Panny Photo/Facebook

The graduate - whose name is Ranie, as reported by - had contracted the services of a boutique photography studio, Little Panny.

Growing up, Ranie's grandparents had been her main caretakers as her parents were often away for work

Unfortunately, her grandfather suffered a stroke in early 2018, which made travelling to Australia for her graduation ceremony difficult - so she decided to bring the photo shoot to him instead.

"I'm sure many of us thought of something we want to do with our loved ones but put it off until there was no chance to do so. She didn't want to live that regret," Jen Pan Photography co-head Ray told

Little Panny is a subsidiary of Jen Pan Photography.

"[Ranie's grandfather] was so proud showing his toothless grin from time to time. He got emotional as he asked when would she be leaving again," wrote Little Panny.

There's truly no love like that of a grandparent's

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Who says graduation pics must be taken at the studio? It is the people that matter. Whatever we achieve today we owe it...

Posted by Little Panny Photo on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

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