Crispy Chicken Rendang Was Actually A Thing In Singapore


Cover image via Dayre / KFC SG

By now, we're pretty sure you have heard of the big stir surrounding some "crispy" comments made by two MasterChef UK judges on a chicken rendang dish

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace's controversial critique has stirred fury on social media and a viral debate in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia where the traditional dish is widely loved.

Malaysian-born contestant Zaleha Kadir Olpin was promptly eliminated from the popular contestant.

While the idea of serving crispy chicken rendang may seem ridiculous (or even blasphemous) to some, one fast food chain in Singapore proved that it can actually be done – long before #RendangGate became a reality

Image via KFC SG

KFC had indeed offered a Rendang Rice Bucket in Singapore for a limited time in 2017, consisting of rice with fried boneless chicken (also known as popcorn chicken) slathered with rendang sauce.

Although KFC SG had discontinued the dish, a Facebook post has since been revived, with netizens posting cheeky comments in reference to #RendangGate

Image via KFC SG
Image via KFC SG
Image via KFC SG

Everyone was cracking the same joke.

So, KFC SG had no choice but to provide an "explanation"

Image via KFC SG

YOLO, right? 

We would totally try it though. Who knows, it could be good.

Image via Tenor

Please don't kecam us.

Catch up on the entire #RendangGate fiasco here:

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