Someone Bet RM63 For Germany To Beat Brazil 7-1. That Someone Is Now RM147,047 Richer

We all wished we would have done the same.

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One could be forgiven for not being able to predict the correct score between the World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Germany

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Who would have predicted last night's 7-1 scoreline? A person from New Zealand it would seem.

The score was 7-1, and the odds of that happening in any football game is very slim

A New Zealander placed a RM6 bet for Germany to win 7-1, and was rewarded with a return of RM1400

A New Zealander placed a $2 bet on the game. Picture for illustration purposes only.

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A betting firm has revealed that either one very lucky, incredibly talented fortune teller or someone with access to the Delorean placed a $2 bet on Germany beating Brazil by the incredible scoreline. Placed at odds of 250:1, the bet landed the gambler $500.

The person placed a modest $2 bet at 250:1, meaning they pocketed $500 from this morning's massacre.

In another case, a betting slip of RM 63 surfaced online, where the bet was for Germany to win 7-1 on top of German Sami Khedira to score a goal.

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Another story of a fan placing a bet on the 7-1 scoreline with Samir Khedira to score at any time has also been doing the rounds after the below image appeared on the internet.

Through some sheer luck, both outcomes materialised and the punter stands to win RM147,047. However, further investigations suggest that this is a fake bet

The said bet was found to be fake as it has not been verified by any bookmaker.

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The internet is abuzz over a screenshot of an alleged betting slip that shows precisely this parlay. One gambling site is unsure of its veracity.

The problem is compounded by the slip showing the bet and payout in USD, a currency the UK-based site doesn't operate in. Moreover, the United States is not listed as a country of residence when signing up on the site, meaning workarounds would be needed to establish an account.

It's suggested that a $20 bet was placed at odds of 2319/1 meaning a return of $46,380. A stunningly confident bet, and without verification from bookmakers, in all likelihood a faked one.

One man's joy is another man's despair. Read about the saddest fan HERE:

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