This Girl In The "Spirited Away" Costume Deserves All The Halloween Candy In The World

She even made her friends cry! #winning

Cover image via Elmo Lu's Facebook page

Momo Lu from Taiwan is not your typical kindergartner.

While most of her peers are dressed up as princesses and Disney characters, the 2-year-old decided to up her costume game by opting to be No-Face from the Japanese anime film "Spirited Away".

In the video below, Momo's mum, Elmo, can be heard asking her daughter what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween. Momo answered "No-Face" without hesitation!

The following day, she showed up as her favorite cartoon character at the kindergarten. Her full face makeup and black cape definitely stood out.

According to Elmo, Momo's costume was so on point she made other kids cry

Just another day in Momo's life.

Momo is obviously too cool for pre-school

After kindergarten, Momo went trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, still scarily adorable even as her makeup began to fade off

Being scary and adorable at the same time is not easy.

The costume became so popular that fans immortalised her through memes

I love her #cuteoverload #animation #movie#noface #kaonashi #spiritedaway #studioghibli #คาโอนาชิ #ผีไร้หน้า#

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This kid is going places!! #noface #ghibli

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According to Buzzfeed, Momo is delighted that her costume has made such an effect and is looking forward to next Halloween.

You go, girl. You've won this year's Halloween for sure!

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