What Happens When You Use Your Own Poop To Create Works Of Art

It's pretty 'shitty'.

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Art can be pretty subjective. There are times when it doesn't make sense to commoners like us. Like masterpieces from this artist called Katsu. Katsu uses poop as a medium for his artworks.

Yes, we are not kidding.

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Katsu is a renowned graffiti artist based in New York. He is famous for vandalising the streets with his politically motivated pieces. His real name remains a mystery.

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Like many street artists, Katsu is a rebel

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He is also famed for his drone painting, where he paints a canvas by only using a drone

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Let's get back to the poop paintings. His first 'shitty' painting was created back in January this year. It was a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Granted, the painting actually looks really good. Just try to forget that it's made out of shit.

Mark looks great here

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Brooklyn-based graffiti artist KATSU created a portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made with the artist's own feces.

The work is part of the artist's "Remember the Future" exhibition at The Hole gallery in Manhattan, on view until Feb. 22.

The painting comes with a LED backlight

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After Mark, Katsu now has turned his attention to Google chairman Eric Schmidt. The painting titled 'Eric Shit' was revealed over the weekend.

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The graffiti artist / hacker / poop-painter known as Katsu has revealed the latest portrait in his "Shithead" series of artworks. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the first to be featured, but Katsu has now turned his attention to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, unveiling the wonderfully-titled portrait "Eric Shit."

How do you paint with poop exactly? In an interview with Tech Crunch, Katsu states it's actually very difficult and he further explains the reason why he uses poop.

The portrait comes with LED backlight as well

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I like getting my hands dirty. I was thinking about the human body removed from all art mediums. I was thinking, what is the human body capable of producing pigment-wise? You can use blood, feces, semen and urine. If you just stripped away and removed humans from everything and all technological devices, what could the body naturally produce?

Feces molds pretty quickly, which is pretty whack. So you have to use a lot of gloves and hand sanitizer. I have to wear a mask. Lots of flies play with me while I’m painting.

The series of poop paintings titled 'Shitheads' was an act of defiance to the media companies in our society today.

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These titans of the cloud, are like, basically in competition to control every bit of granular data about individuals. That’s what makes their companies so powerful. They understand that human data has this immense value and they’re shielding and hiding that from the public.

Maybe feces is the last thing that they could possibly control.

For more of Katsu, you can check out the video below about F.A.T. Lab, an art collective that he belongs to

We really hope he washes his hands after painting them...

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Meanwhile, a man in China has an appetite for human poop...

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