16 Times You Were Convinced Your Dad Was A Superhero In Disguise

His superpower includes doing everything different from mum.

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1. When he caught you two seconds before a bad face-plant happened

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It's like he can foresee the future. Psychic or what!

2. Speaking of which, remember how he saved you from bodyslamming into things when you first learned how to cycle?

Catching you with just one arm like a boss!

3. When you found his toolbox filled with superhero gadgets and collectibles. SO HARDCORE.

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Can you imagine finding a grappling gun, an audio frequency jammer, or a GRENADE?!

4. That glorious moment when he nominated you as his trusty sidekick and you went on a mission together

The bad guys ain't got nothing when you've got each other's backs.

4. Everytime he gives you a boost on his shoulders. What are his shoulders made of, steel?!

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5. That time he saved the birthday cake so you could still grow older by a year

6. When he evades traffic like Batman to make sure you made it to school, tuition and piano classes on time

But it's more fun to pretend you're in a high-speed chase to get away from the bad guys. Don't tell mum.

7. When he opened that ONE jar that nobody else can

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Hero la you, daddy!

8. When he's had a rough day but still has the energy to be a total sport

9. Checking and making sure your room is monster-free every night before bed

10. When he helps you escape from mum's rotan...

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11. Your trouble-making friends won't kacau you either when dad is in sight!

12. When he kills things with his bare hands. Seriously, WHAT IS HE MADE OF?

Not just limited to cockroaches. Sometimes it's rats, spiders or other creepy crawlies.

13. When you begin to wonder if he's a cop because there they go waving and smiling at him again

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14. When he can deal with mum

15. When he has creative answers to everything

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Megamind. Yoda. Mega-Yoda.

16. When he secures his "Mr Fix-It-All" title for the 100th time

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Being a dad is tougher than you think. This one certainly seems like a superhero in disguise with a 'killer job' as a stuntman:

He jumps in front of moving cars, plays with explosions, gets suspended in the air and puts his life on the line for the job. He's the hero people see on screen but don't notice. To find out more about the dangerous stunts and all that goes on behind the scenes, watch the full video here.