These Malaysians Reveal Their Most Unexpected Weekend Stories

"It took two months for my eyebrows to grow back..."

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Deadlines, meetings, assignments, and projects... Weekdays are the worst!

So we asked Malaysians to share their most memorable weekend stories to help get you out of a funk and into #thatweekendfeeling:

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I was hunting Pokemon at Central Park in Bandar Utama, walking while staring at my phone. There was a Pikachu close-by and I really wanted it.

Walked right into this girl, head on head! Turns out she was searching for Pikachu too. We spent the rest of the evening catching Pokemon together.

Then met up the next day for another PokeWalk ;)

- Suresh, 21

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A huge group of us took a trip to Langkawi after graduation, our final big celebration before university. I climbed up two floors to reach the balcony of the room where my crush was staying. I gave her a rose, she gave me a kiss, then I fell off the balcony and dislocated my shoulder!

We're still together so it was worth it!

- Chao, 23

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Finally moved out of my parents' place and decided to throw a house-warming BBQ party with my housemates. Added way too much lighter fluid... I threw a match on the charcoals and a huge fire ignited. Singed both my eyebrows but luckily didn't suffer any burns. It took two months for my eyebrows to grow back to normal.

- Jeff, 26

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I volunteered at Zoo Negara for fun and spent the weekend cleaning animal enclosures, scrubbing floors, and picking up trash.

The woman I partnered with turned out to work at the HR department of my dream company but I didn't realise until late on Sunday when we were taking wefies with the giant panda in the background. She asked me if I would be interested in a position and I said of course! The interview is scheduled next week :)

- Siaw Wen, 25

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When BTS performed in Singapore, I spent all my money on flights and concert tickets. Didn't have cash for a hotel room so just slept on the floor at Changi airport after the show. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

- Iylia, 21

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My friends thought it would be funny to crash a wedding. It was an open buffet and free seating. Our group got separated because most of the tables were already taken.

Someone on the mic started talking. I looked up to see my friend introduce me, saying that I had a few words for the bride and groom! People started looking at me and clapping.

I went onstage, took the mic, and gave a speech. The whole room looked confused. My friends were cracking up. We left right after that!

- Poh Leong, 25

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All I wanted was to eat a giant plate of nasi kandar. But every place my boyfriend suggested just wasn't right. We ended up arguing until he finally said, "let's just go to Penang!" So we did! Drove three hours to Nasi Kandar Beratur, ate a huge portion of rice piled with mutton, chicken, veggies, and poppadom, then drove another three hours back to KL after that.

Sounds crazy but it was the most fun and spontaneous weekend we ever had!

- Sarah, 27

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Got locked out of my dorm room when one of the guys on my floor asked if I wanted to follow him to a party... So I did. We went to this small bar where a lot of students from our uni hang out. There was a b-boy competition, and participants got a free drink, so I entered. I used to breakdance a lot but was out of practice so didn't think I stood a chance.

Was enjoying my drink when the emcee suddenly announced my name as 3rd place winner for solo b-boy! I won a hoodie.

- Adam, 21

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I’ve been in the UK studying for four years, and I was excited to come home to Malaysia after my final exams. Finally landed in KLIA at 1am after a gruelling 14-hour flight. By the time I left customs it was close to 3am. My two best friends were waiting for me, picked me up from the airport and we went straight to SS2 Murni for Roti Hawaii and Teh Tarik!

After a couple of hours there, we decided to go to Bangsar for Garlic Cheese Naan... Then after that to another awesome makan place! Basically we ate all the food, then crashed at my friend's house at 10am and slept for the whole day.

- Stella, 24

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