The Vicious Cycle Malaysians Go Through After Every. Single. Petrol Price Hike

Eat, sleep, slave, repeat.

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Stage 1: At 6PM, just when you're about to leave the office, you hear about a possible petrol price hike in a few hours. You go "Whattttttttt? Is this for real?"

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Stage 2: You verify and spread the news to your friends and family on WhatsApp and social media. The first few status updates are posted. This cannot be happening!

Stage 3: The rumours are true. You pace up and down your office and wonder if you should leave now because you know traffic is going to be nightmarish.

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Stage 4: You start breaking out in cold sweat. My petrol tank is not full. The last time I pumped was 3 days ago. Oh no.

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Stage 5: Bam! You're in a bad jam. You start cursing in your mind. You think about expenditure and other monetary woes.

Stage 6: It's been one hour and you're still stuck. You pass by three different petrol kiosks and it's like a stadium of cars. If you decided against filling your tank, you shake your head at the 'kiasu' mentality of the drivers but at the same time feel for them because every ringgit counts.

Stage 7: You decide to fill up petrol because you're low on petrol anyway. You wait a REALLY long time. Finally it's your turn and you fill up. The fact that you're not alone at the kiosk comforts you a little.

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Stage 8: You reach home at 10PM. By this time, your friends, your colleagues, brothers, uncles, are all talking about it. There are complaints, funny memes, and posts about their 'expert' opinions. You join in.

Stage 9: You exchange rants with your family and suggest some changes in logistics or lifestyle. "Haih, what to do? Eat at home more lor."

Stage 10: You see other prices increase. Your favourite Milo ais is now RM3. You faint.

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Stage 11: You slowly adjust to the changes, you reminisce back to the "good ol' days" when things were cheaper

Stage 12: Another price hike is announced. Deja vu. You're back to Stage 1 all over again.

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