These Kids In China Doing Cool Tricks On Barrels Have Better Balance Than My Bank Account

Definitely not iPad kids.

Cover image via @鲜羊奶配送中心「广州白云区」

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A video of a group of kindergarten children in China performing awesome tricks while perfectly balancing on cylinder barrels has gone viral

Douyin user @鲜羊奶配送中心「广州白云区」, who shared the video, praised the children's acrobatics.

"Kids nowadays are too talented," their caption read.

Stepping onto the barrels with all the confidence in the world, the children appear to effortlessly roll them along the ground without any sign of struggle.

As if walking on barrels wasn't challenging enough, one boy can be seen hula hooping at the same time.

One girl can be seen twirling a baton while expertly rolling the barrel under her feet

And how did that boy in yellow climb onto the barrel so easily?!

Meanwhile, I can't even walk on flat ground without rolling my ankles. Unintentionally too!

Why do our ankles do this?

Image via Reddit

This isn't some random activity, though.

It's actually part of a kindergarten curriculum called Anji Play, which was first founded in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China, by Cheng Xueqin.

Image via Anji Play

According to Anji Education, it was founded on the basis that every child should be allowed to experience extended periods of self-directed, uninterrupted, and unguided play.

Typically, Anji Play is implemented in outdoor environments with minimal structure for at least two hours each day.

Children interact with simple tools consisting of natural materials, including ropes, light bamboo ladders, barrels, tyres, and other everyday objects. They work together to create their own playground governed by their own rules.

During this period, teachers act as mere observers, trained to trust the children and understand how they navigate conflict and collaboration.

The children impressed netizens with their cool tricks

"Did the director previously work as the leader of an animal circus?" one netizen joked.

Image via Douyin

One netizen shared their experiences participating in Anji Play.

"When I was a kid, I also rolled on these cylinders, but I didn't do anything else on them. I couldn't do anything. In comparison, I am really useless," they said.

Another user commented that participating in an activity like that would likely help the children bond with each other.

"Three years of kindergarten and lifelong friendships," they said.

Image via Douyin

"This barrel is definitely difficult [to balance on], but relatively speaking, children actually have an advantage. They are small in stature and have a low centre of gravity, so they have easier control of the barrels than adults," a netizen pointed out.

Image via Douyin

However, many were also concerned for the children's safety, as they were not wearing any safety gear

"It's quite dangerous for children," a worried netizen said.

Image via Douyin

"They should wear a safety helmet," another said.

Image via Douyin

"I would not let my child attend this kind of kindergarten. There are many ways to develop a child's balancing skills. This kind of kindergarten is too dangerous. If you are not careful, you might fall and hit the back of your head. That would be the end of it," a netizen commented.

Image via Douyin

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