16 Things Malaysians Miss About Food Back Home When They Travel Overseas

You can find nasi EVERYWHERE!

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Sure, trying out new dishes when you travel is always a fun part of your itinerary. But there's only so much cheeseburger and avocado toast you can take before the rice and sambal withdrawal symptoms start kicking in...

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Because let's face it - nothing beats our food back home! Which is why we can't help but miss these things when we travel:

1. Having rice all day err day!

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Because rice is life!

2. Being able to eat not just white rice but EVERY KIND OF RICE IMAGINABLE

3. Having unlimited choices of lauk to go with your rice

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4. Starting the day with some authentic nasi lemak tepi jalan

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And not the kind you eat with chopsticks......

5. Having spicy food that's actually pedas

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6. How you can always get that specific kind of sambal to go with your dish

7. Always having chili sauce available to cicah your food in

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8. Having too many kuih options at the pasar malam to choose from

9. How there's just SO MUCH FLAVOUR in everything!

We don't need "hints" of this and "subtle notes" of that. We need in-your-face flavours!

10. All the heavenly scents

Give us all the durian, petai, and belacan!

11. Being able to customise every single thing about your order

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12. Not having to pay for extra sauce

13. Not having to pay so much for just a burger

And they even deliver to you and everything!

14. Basically, not having to pay so much for food in general

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And they sometimes come with free selfies too!

15. You don't have to figure out tipping

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16. And the best part: Having all your favourite foods available at all hours of the day!

What else do you miss about the food back home when you're travelling? Let us know in the comments below!

Ah, Malaysia! <3 Where else would be we able to makan all these amazing stuff?

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