16 Things You'll Automatically Say If You're A Coffee Person

Are you guilty of these?

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For many people, having their daily caffeine fix is an absolute must

And for non-coffee drinkers, you'd know by now that your coffee-addicted friends tend to be very predictable when it comes to their caffeine habits

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Here are 16 things that people who drink coffee always say:

1. "I had coffee for breakfast"

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2. "I'm not myself until I have coffee"

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3. "It makes me feel alive"

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4. "If it wasn't for the coffee I'd be asleep right now"

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5. "I can't work/think/function properly, I haven't had my coffee yet"

6. "I need a coffee break"

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7. "Bad coffee is better than no coffee"

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8. “I know where all the good coffee spots are"

9. "This place is so-so only"

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10.“Decaf is not real coffee"

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11. When going anywhere: "Will there be coffee?"

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12. When attending a seminar or eating at a buffet: “The coffee is surprisingly good”

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13. When meeting a non-coffee drinker: "H-how?!"

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14. When meeting someone who would rather drink tea: “Wh-why?!”

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15. When referring to frappuccinos, affogatos etc.: "That's not real coffee"

16. "There's no such thing as too much"

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Coffee drinkers sure are a fascinating species

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If you absolutely must have your daily cuppa, here's where you can go:

Or if you'd prefer to start your days some other way:

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