We All Have That One Friend Who Does At Least 70% Of These Thrifty Things...

They're not cheap, they're just smart with their money.

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1. Tapao sauce packets from restaurants or fast food outlets

Squeeze them all into sauce bottles and you won't even know the difference.

2. Browse through magazines in the stands or bookstores instead of purchasing them

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3. Will order water from the restaurant only if it's free...

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4. ...but will gladly drink from your bottomless drink

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It didn't cost you anything extra anyway.

5. And when it comes to splitting the bill, it must be down to the cents

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If you owe them RM19.55, you can't pay them RM19.50 but it's totally acceptable to give them RM20 and not ask for change back.

6. Fix everything themselves with the help of online tutorials

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Why hire a handyman when they can be their own handyman.

7. Master the art of DIY with minimal costs

They will show you a whole new world of turning unwanted junk into absolute gems.

8. Eat so much at a buffet that it actually scares you

It makes you wonder if they'll actually explode from all the food.

9. Attend events or company functions only for one thing. The free food.

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10. Re-use the same teabag until the tea looks and tastes like hot water only

11. Be their own barber or 'hairstylist'

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From cutting to dyeing to bleaching, they can do it all!

12. Their jar of sauces/condiments/peanut butter are scraped till squeaky clean

If you didn't know any better, you would have thought it was a clean jar.

13. Adding water into their shampoo, body wash and dish soap to make them last longer

14. Sign up for all kinds of things just for the free samples

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15. Keep every single tub, jar and bottle so they don't have to buy containers

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Hey, it's good for the Earth!

16. Return from vacations with newfound experiences... and also a stockpile of tea, coffee, sugar and creamer from hotels

Feel free to choose from chamomile, to jasmine, earl grey and also sorts of varie-tea.

17. And enough supply of hotel toiletries to last a year

18. They are never the one to volunteer to drive when carpooling

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Because we all know the phrase "We'll split the price for petrol" is just a myth.

19. And when they do drive, their air-cond is always at the lowest setting to save fuel

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And when they roll down the window, you know what's coming. They're turning off the air-cond.

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