This Adorably Awkward Seal At The Zoo Is Me At Social Gatherings

But... what do I do with my hands?

Cover image via @viral.tribe (TikTok)

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We all know an introverted, socially awkward friend. We probably are one ourselves.

So, it goes without saying that this seal is EXACTLY how introverts look like when they're out and about.

Unlike his fellow seals who flip and splash with abandon, this seal from a zoo in Los Angeles was recorded standing with his flippers clasped together like a bashful schoolkid.

The video was shared by @viral.tribe three days ago, accumulating about 24.1 million views, with over 5.5 million likes and 22,900 comments.

In the video, the caption reads, "Saw this guy the other day, but it was his first day."

Its wide, innocent eyes and hesitant demeanour are what really steal the show

The seal's eyes nervously shift away and back to the camera.

It's as if it's aware that it's being recorded and can't decide whether to face the camera or hide from it.

"Oh crap, there's a camera. What do I do?"

It's like when your mum forces you to stand somewhere so she can take a picture of you when you were younger.

And you just stand awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

Animals can be awkward too.

Watch the relatable moment below:

Safe to say, everyone on the Internet has fallen for this shy seal and some have even found themselves identifying with it

Image via TikTok

But that's not all: netizens also took creative liberty with the adorable clip, coming up with memeable captions

Even Google joined in on the fun.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Who knew a seal could make me feel so seen?

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