We Opened The World's First Box Of Nasi Lemak Condoms And Took A Big Whiff

It actually smells really nice!

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Guys, this is it. By a twist of fate, we managed to get our hands on what is possibly the FIRST box of nasi lemak condoms that has stepped out of its manufacturer's premises.

Malaysian condom company Karex Berhad, via the ONE Condoms brand, announced last month that it will be releasing a nasi lemak-inspired condom later this year. 

Well, here it is! The box you're looking at is one of only 17 boxes in existence at this moment, as ONE Condoms has only just finalised its packaging. 

The Nasi Lemak Panas condoms will be sold in boxes of 3's, each contained within a 'spicy' package. ;)

According to the Karex rep who gave this to us, they cooked up seven packaging designs for this limited series of condoms. Luckily for us, we snagged the box with three different ones! 

Now, for the moment of truth - what does it smell like? Does it really smell like nasi lemak? Watch us unwrap it to find out:

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Verdict: It actually smells pretty nice! At first whiff, the condom actually does smell like santan-infused rice with a hint of banana leaf. We couldn't really pinpoint the sambal though. 

Apparently, the condom is also coated with warming lubricant. In the absence of the real thing, we tried rolling it over a banana but it didn't quite work out due to the lack of actual body heat:

Anyway, if you're thinking of spicing up the bedroom with these, the Nasi Lemak Panas condoms is expected to be in stores by the end of November

At the time of writing, Karex has confirmed that the limited edition nasi lemak condoms will be available for sale at selected AEON Wellness outlets and Guardian's online store. 

Last year, ONE Condoms came up with durian condoms... which we then asked our colleagues to review:

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