21 Types Of Typical Lectures Our Mum Gave Us As Malaysian Kids

"This is for your own good!"

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1. Don't be so lazy with your homework or else you won't get into uni and cannot get a job!

2. See lah, fall sick already! I told you to drink more water!

3. Don't compare just because your friend got a new phone, please (but she always compares your results, right?)

4. Why never tell me you're not eating at home? I cooked for you!

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5. When she threatens you with "Later the police come catch you!" if you do something naughty

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6. The "I told you right? See, never listen!" scolding when something bad happens just as mum suspected

7. Finish the food on your plate! Children in Africa are starving, you know.

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8. "It's good for you wan!" Every single time she makes you eat something bitter or do something you don't want to.

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9. When you ask to buy something or for more allowance, you'll get "You think money grow on trees ah?"

10. The don't-sleep-with-wet-hair-or-you-get-headache scolding

11. How many times you want me to ask you to clean your room?

12. And when you finally clean your room, she scolds you for doing everything wrong and giving her more work

13. The all-your-friends-got-A-how-come-you-didn't lecture T_T

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14. Who asked you to buy more shoes? How many pairs of feet you have?!

15. The "Why you go out so late?!" speech which is then accompanied by "Later hantu come catch you."

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16. The why-you-never-pick-up-your-phone scolding

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17. I said no means NO lah, don't ask why

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18. Failed to say hi to that distant relative of yours you didn't even know you had? Respect your elders, please!

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19. Got a stain on your clothes and it's not even your fault? Doesn't matter, you know the lecture is coming.

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20. The ultimate lecture we all know too well... "I'M NOT YOUR MAID, OK!!!"

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21. When she yells "Are you listening to me or not?!" as her voice becomes faint and you've begun to tune out...

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See how we take note and listen to everything you say, mum? :) But maybe, some things are better left unsaid...

Thanks mum! Yes, yes, we'll clean the room soon. Maybe tomorrow lah...

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