13 Things You Will Only Relate To If You Have Typical Malaysian Parents

You're not allowed to date, only study... then they complain why you're not married.

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Old school Malaysian parents are the best, seriously

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The nagging, the threats, the punishments... and the unconditional love! From washing our butts as babies, to helping us put down a deposit for our own house, parents are pretty much there for everything.

In honour of our mums and dads, here are 13 things you will only relate to if you have typical Malaysian parents:

1. Whenever you need something...

2. While other parents ask their kids what they wanna be, your Malaysian parent probably told you

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3. Good grades and studying hard are the only things that matter

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4. You confirm scared to go home if you didn't get straight A's

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5. Your parents were sooooo supportive of your dreams...

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6. They say you're not allowed to date until you finish your studies...

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7. Then will spend the rest of their lives complaining why you're not married yet

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8. The remedy to every illness is "drink water"

9. The interrogation every time you want to go out

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10. Your dad still insists on driving, even though you've had a valid driving license for over 5 years

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11. They force you to eat all the time

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12. Then complain that you're getting fat

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13. Your parents are always on the lookout for "cheap cheap" deals

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Whether it's "kids eat free", buy 1 free 1, bargaining at markets, or getting freebies, our parents are awesome a sniffing out deals!

But at the end of the day, we all know that everything our parents do is out of love <3

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