15 Typical Photos You'll Find Framed Up In A Malaysian Home

Not quite sure whether to cringe or laugh.

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1. The photo of you as a naked baby, which guests love to comment on as soon as they wander into your house

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2. That blissful "Yay, I just got a new sibling" photo, before all the bickering started

Image via Najihah Malek

3. The photo of you, so small you could fit in anything - rocking horse, rattan chair, or a laundry basket - all of which are still kept in your home somewhere

Image via Marion Yeoh

4. When your parents make you pose with things for a photo (but you're not allowed to play with them in real life) - the house phone, your mother's high heels, etc.

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5. The one of you, fresh from a nap with your bandit of soft toys and favourite bolster

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6. The one of you and your cousins lined up according to height

Image via Judith Yeoh

7. The birthday photo at a fast food outlet's playground

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8. The one with your family car

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9. The super staged graduation photo with the fake bookshelf in the background

Image via Samantha Khor

10. That typical family portrait in the house garden

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11. And then there's the awkward family photo in the studio where nobody knows what to do with their hands

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12. There's also the photo with the whole extended family

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13. Some even go above and beyond to colour coordinate outfits for a special occasion

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14. Of course, that super old wedding photo in your parents' bedroom!

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15. The more recent photo of recreating poses from decades ago!

Image via Anabelle Ong