If You're A Woman, We Want You To Take This Ultimate Survey About Boobs

Tell us about your girls :D

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So... boobs. Possibly the world's most discussed, displayed, and desired body part.

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It's fair to say that women have very intimate relationships with their breasts. Our size and shape dictate the clothes we buy and wear. On a deeper level, they can give us confidence and make us feel sexy, yet at the same time do the complete opposite. Plus, they're super fun to have mmmkay?

It's a taboo subject, and that's why we want to talk about it!

Some women are shamed for having large breasts, while others are shamed for having small breasts. Not to mention, women also get shamed if they desire a different bust size altogether! Too saggy, too perky, lopsided... What's the deal? 

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What we want to know is how Malaysian women really feel about their breasts. So let's talk!

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There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your own opinions about your body

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In a perfect world, we would all be happy with the bust we're given. If you are, that's great!

But for the women who secretly wish they were a little bit bigger, firmer, and perkier... we want to say there is no shame in that either! Some women have naturally smaller breasts and wish they could be enhanced. Others may have less full breasts due to age or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Whatever your reasons, it's totally ok if you're not 100% happy about your breasts.

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