[VIDEO] Daredevil Leaps Off Building And Slides Down Roof Just Because He Can

Please do not try this at home.

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Ethan Swanson is a 24-year old stuntman residing in Chicago

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Ethan Swanson, the lunatic making this ridiculous roof jump, is a professional stunt man, so he sees life differently than the rest of us.

Being the adrenaline junkie that he is, Ethan jumped off a building before he slid down a roof onto a flight of stairs, and landed safely

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Ethan Swanson, 24, an actuary by day in Chicago, filmed an amazing stunt where he leapt 14 feet from the top of a building, slid 18 feet down the side of the roof of an adjacent building and then dropped another 10 feet down into an adjourning staircase.

A video shared on GoPro’s YouTube account Wednesday shows Swanson casually leaping off the roof of a building – as an L train passes by, naturally – only to slide down an adjoining roof and into a stairwell.

People like stuntman Ethan Swanson, who decided to throw himself off a tall roof onto a slightly shorter roof, before sliding to a graceful landing, fresh as a daisy.

Ethan had been practicing the jump in the gym before the actual stunt. Watch the epic roof jump HERE:

The Chicago resident said he planned the leap for a few weeks and practiced the logistics in a gym, but he acknowledges he takes a big risk.

According to Ethan, he has been jumping off buildings as long as he can remember and has submitted videos for American Ninja Warrior, a reality game show

“I’m just a guy that jumps off stuff. Ultimately it’s not safe. It’s not a good thing to do,” Swanson told the New York Daily News. “My parents tell stories of me always jumping off things. It’s in my bones. I live it. I can’t explain it. It’s not a logical thing to do.”

Ethan has done a similar stunt before, where he jumped off a huge gap to make it safely to another building. Watch it HERE:

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