[VIDEO] Little Girl Drifting Down Flooded Road In Makeshift Boat Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Oh, to be a child again.

Cover image via @是个好人 (Douyin)

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An innocent and adorable video of a little girl cruising along a flooded road in her makeshift boat in Guangxi, China has melted our hearts

The 10-second clip captures a mother extending an umbrella over a little girl, shielding her from the drizzling rain.

Meanwhile, the little girl sits snugly in a large greyish bucket, enjoying her little adventure as her makeshift boat floats along the street, which has turned into a shallow stream due to heavy rainfall.

The video was shared by @是个好人, and has garnered over 131,000 views on Douyin, with more than 50,000 comments and 79,000 shares.

"I want to play, but I'm a grown up," they captioned.

While this was all happening, the little girl's father stands nearby, watching the sweet moment unfold with a smile

You can even hear her little squeals of joy whenever her boats rotates with the current.

Watch the full video below:

The innocent moment had viewers feeling envious of the little girl, with many reminiscing about their younger days

"So what if you're grown up? You can just change into a bigger boat," a netizen said, responding directly to the caption.

"Growing up is not fun," another said.

Image via Douyin
Image via Douyin

"I'm like a dog, spying on other people's happiness," one person said, attaching a photo of a dog with its head bowed.

Image via Douyin

Sharing similar sentiments, another user posted a meme of Squidward looking out his window to see SpongeBob and Patrick having fun without him.

Image via Douyin

Meanwhile, a viewer jokingly shared a photo of a car splashing through the puddle, as if to rain on the little girl's parade

"Here I come," they commented.

Image via Douyin

Here are more wholesome moments that melted our hearts:

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