[VIDEO] Malaysian Woman Catches Wild Boar Roaming Her Neighbourhood During The MCO

The wild boar was spotted on Lorong Galing in Kuantan, Pahang last Thursday, 9 April.

Cover image via Genesis Meimei/Facebook

Videos showing a large wild boar roaming a residential area in Kuantan, Pahang are going viral on Facebook

Last Thursday, 9 April, netizen Genesis Meimei took to a community Facebook group to share three videos of a wild boar wandering at midnight.

According to Genesis, she spotted the wild boar outside of her house at 3am that night.

"Residents living on Lorong Galing in Kuantan need to be extra careful to avoid being attacked by this boar," Genesis warned.

At the time of writing, her post has garnered over 650 shares.

Speaking to SAYS, Genesis estimated that the wild boar could weigh around 70 to 80kg

She revealed that she has been staying in the neighbourhood for over 20 years and it was her first time spotting a wild boar in front of her house.

"When I saw the wild boar, I panicked. Why would there be a wild boar in the residential area?" Genesis said.

"Hence, I decided to film the boar up close. From the way I saw the boar, it looked very fierce. I contemplated for awhile before deciding to post the videos on Facebook. I want to warn my neighbours so that they will not be caught off guard by a wild boar charging at them."

Genesis also clarified with SAYS that she was not sneaking out of the house in the wee hours of the night to defy the MCO, but merely went out to film the wild boar.

"I got into a car to film the boar in close distance because I was afraid that it would attack me."

According to Singapore's National Parks website, wild boars can pose serious danger in human-animal encounters. 

They possess sharp teeth, which can inflict severe injuries during an attack, and due to their stout body which can weigh up to 100kg, road users ought to be careful when driving around areas that have wild boars.

After the videos went viral, many Malaysians flooded the comments section to leave hilarious remarks about the sighting

A lot of netizens tagged their friends to ask if the wild boar, which is part of the pig family, captured in the videos is them.

Image via Facebook

Some said in jest that the wild boar will be captured by the police soon for defying the MCO, while others imagined the wild boar as food.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, some netizens pitied the wild boar as it might be hungry and was out scavenging for food.

Image via Facebook

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