[VIDEO] Man 'Breaks Down' While Having His First Teh Tarik At Mamak In 2 Months

"It's even sadder when the friends that used to hang out with us are no longer here," one comment read.

Cover image via @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa (TikTok)

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Staying home hasn't been easy for Malaysians

However, a recent announcement by the government that fully vaccinated people in the Klang Valley can start dining at restaurants again has brought a sense of cheer amongst many.

Under new guidelines, fully vaccinated people in several states can go out to dine in.

Recently, a group of friends went out for the first time in two months, with one of them ordering Malaysia's national drink β€” teh tarik

The man is seen in a video taking a sip from the cup while sitting inside a mamak.

However, it appears that one sip of his first teh tarik at the joint in a couple of months was enough to make him 'break down' as the video shows him crying profusely β€” probably with joy!

The man's hysterical reaction has made the video, which was posted on TikTok by @kenanganmengusikjiwaaa, extremely viral. It has over a million views since it was posted on 26 August.

While the reaction appears to be staged, it seems to have resonated with quite a number of people who left comments filled with feels

Under the video, thousands of Malaysians have flooded the comment section.

"This is sadder than losing your girlfriend," read one of the most liked comments.

"Those tears look sincere... I feel you, bro," said another, adding, "Only mamak fans will understand this."

Meanwhile, one person said that they miss hanging out at mamak stalls and watching football games.

"It's even sadder when the friends that used to hang out with us are no longer here," remarked another.

Watch the video here:

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