[VIDEO] The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Employee Demonstrates That Their Rice Straws Are Edible

Mmm crunchy snack to accompany your drink!

Cover image via @whynotjemah_ (TikTok)

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If you're a fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you'd know that their drinks come with purple rice straws.

What you might not know is that their straws are actually edible.

One particular employee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf took to TikTok to demonstrate that you can, in fact, eat their straws.

TikTok user Azmey Zainal uploaded a video on Saturday, 11 September, along with a caption that read, "This is the straw that's viral right now, right? Whoever hasn't tried it yet, go ahead!"

His video garnered over 1.1 million views and 107,600 likes.

In the clip, he can be seen unwrapping a straw from its cover before putting it in his drink

He then proceeds to drink from the straw as usual before biting into it and swallowing it down.

"What's important is that it's 100% made of rice. If you're uncomfortable with eating it while it's hard, soak it in the drink for longer and let it turn into a jelly-ish texture," he noted.

This nifty trick is not a hidden secret.

In fact, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf takes pride in their straws for being biodegradable and edible.

On 8 June, the popular chain wrote on Facebook, "We have started off on the right foot with our biodegradable, edible, and 100% turtle-friendly rice straw."

#SaveOurOceans: We have started off on the right foot with our biodegradable, edible, and 100% turtle-friendly rice...

Posted by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Malaysia on Monday, June 7, 2021

Netizens who did not know this before are impressed and excited to try it out

One person wrote, "Genius marketing tactic, congratulations to marketers who came up with this idea!"

Image via TikTok

"I've bought it before but didn't eat it. Now I feel like going to buy it," wrote another netizen.

Image via TikTok

Another user joked, "What if I finished eating the straw but haven't finished my drink yet?"

Image via TikTok

Watch Azmey's full video here:



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