[VIDEO] Watch How Old Coca-Cola Bottles Are Transformed Into Useful Tools

That one Coca-Cola bottle is more valuable than you think.

In another video by Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola highlighted the need to reuse their plastic coke bottles

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This is part of their sustainability programme, and Coca-Cola has released 16 different multifunctional caps, allowing the bottles to be repurposed as useful items

Coca-Cola produced 16 different caps for multi-functional use.

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As part of its global sustainability program, Coca-Cola has launched ’2ndlives’, a line of 16 innovative caps which can be screwed onto bottles after consumption, transforming them into useful objects, such as paintbrushes, waterguns and pencil sharpeners.


It starts out by turning the water bottle into a water pump gun

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Followed by a creative use for storing paint for arts and crafts

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Even a grandmother got to turn it into a spray bottle for watering plants

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Some even used it as a shampoo and detergent dispenser!

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A creative food cart seller also used it as squeeze sauce bottle

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Watch what other uses a Coca-Cola bottle does HERE:

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