[VIDEO] What Happens When You Sneak A Cheap IKEA Print Into A Fancy Museum

“You can clearly see that it concerns a form of symbolism,” a man in a black beret drolly notes.

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Recently, YouTube channel LifeHuntersTV took a cheap, mass-produced print costing USD12 from IKEA and displayed it in a fancy art museum. And in order to see if they could fool some serious art lovers, they told them it was by an artist called Ike Andrews!

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The trick fooled everyone. One of the museum-goers described the IKEA print as "a depiction of chaos inside the artist's mind." Another "art-lover" found the level of detail in it to be "unbelievable."

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And one even found an emotional connection with it

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When asked how much would they pay for this piece of art, one of them said, "If you could buy this for 2.5 million euros, I'd do it."

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Honestly, we couldn't believe it ourselves. Watch:

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