[VIDEO] Woman Protects Herself From Coronavirus By Wearing Giraffe Costume To Hospital

She decided to buy costumes online due to the shortage of surgical masks in the country.

Cover image via MSN/Newsflare & The Paper

A woman recently went viral after she came up with a creative way of protecting herself from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

On Friday, 14 February, The Paper reported that a woman named He from the city of Luzhou in Sichuan Province, China wore a giraffe costume when she visited a hospital to prevent getting infected with COVID-19.

Image via The Paper

The woman explained that her face masks have expired and she decided to buy costumes online due to the shortage of surgical masks in the country

In the video, the woman can be seen fully covered from head to toe, with only a small window of transparent plastic film for her to see through. She casually picks up medicine and interacts with doctors while wearing the inflatable giraffe suit.

According to South China Morning Post, she resorted to the bizarre outfit after she was unable to purchase face masks, but her sick parents needed her to run some errands.

Image via The Paper

The woman also added that her father had been a regular patient at the hospital prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To reduce the risk of her father being infected while visiting a hospital, she decided to go to the hospital herself and ask the doctor to conduct a virtual consultation for her father through a video call.

Authorities have responded by saying that such costumes are unable to protect people from infection

Image via The Paper

According to Tech Times, medical experts also mentioned that the costume would need to be disinfected after every use.

Meanwhile, the video has garnered mixed reactions from netizens

One person commented, "Funny but sad at the same time. I hope mask production in China will catch up with the demand. It has affected surrounding countries now. In my country, Indonesia, the price of [face] masks has [risen] up uncontrollably."

"Desperation does wonders. Hope the virus [goes] away soon," wrote another user.

One netizen said, "You know the situation is dire when they don't laugh seeing a giraffe costume in [a] hospital."

Watch the full video here:

The best way to keep safe from COVID-19 is to practise basic hygiene such as wearing a face mask and washing your hands properly:

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