[VIDEO] Woman Says She's Grateful After Friends Dragged Her Through A Haunted Escape Room

Suffice it to say that it was quite an eventful session. ;)

Cover image via Yy-missing/Weibo

A video showing a woman being dragged by her friends in a haunted escape room in China has gone viral

In the video, the woman accidentally fell down when she caught sight of a 'chainsaw killer' running towards her

"The passage was very narrow. She's pretty small and fell in the chaos," one of the friend was quoted as saying by South China Morning Post (SCMP).

"As she fell, one of us said he would hold her hand. So he didn't let her go," the friend added.

Amidst the chaos, another killer who was chasing the 'victims', was accidentally hit by a door a participant swung open

Hope the killer is doing alright from that incident!

As they were trying to escape from the killers, the group of friends circled around the escape room six times

Unfortunately, they failed to escape in the end.

The woman's pants were torn after being dragged around by her friends. She, however, is thankful for their 'help' during the session.

The group of friends described the escape room to be a horrifying experience. 

"When we were in there, we weren't just scared, we were horrified. The sound of the chainsaw revving up was terrifying," one of the participants said, adding that they were stunned. 

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