[VIDEO] Not Even Lion Dancers Are Spared From Thermal Checks Amidst Wuhan Coronavirus Fear

The video was filmed outside a corporate building in Kuala Lumpur last Thursday, 30 January.

Cover image via Low Choon Fui/Facebook

As people around the world become more fearful of the Wuhan coronavirus, not even the mythical creature 'Nian' is spared from the terror of the outbreak

Two videos showing lion dancers going through thermal checks in the wake of the 2019-nCoV outbreak have gone viral recently.

The videos, posted on 31 January, showed officers in Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) uniform using an infrared body thermometer to measure the temperatures of the performers' foreheads.

The policeman then used the digital thermometer on the fluffy lions who were kneeling on the floor

The policeman lifted the lions' flappy ears up, before inserting the digital thermometer into the mythical creatures' ears.

After the two lions had passed the health check, the policeman pulled down his face mask and smiled. He gestured thumbs up and invited the lion dancers to start bringing 'ong' (fortune) to the premise.

The post, published by Facebook user Low Choon Fui, had garnered almost 3,000 shares at the time of writing.

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Posted by Low Choon Fui on Friday, January 31, 2020

After watching the videos, netizens could not help but leave cheeky comments about the incident

"Even lion dances are not spared from temperature screening," wrote an elated netizen.

"This is crazy. Did this lion dance come from Wuhan?" a Facebook user said jokingly.

Another said, "Not bad. (The police) have a strong sense of duty."

Image via Facebook

While the policeman's stunt on the lions was done in jest, the leader of the lion dance troupe said the thermal check on performers was a standard procedure

Speaking to SAYS, the lion dance group leader, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that thermal check is a normal procedure on people entering the building.

He related that the videos were filmed outside a corporate building in Kuala Lumpur last Thursday, 30 January.

"We have been through this process almost every year when we perform there," he said.

"As for the lions, it is just a gimmick for the bosses (to see) before the lions go into the building."

He deduced that the Wuhan coronavirus was the reason why the videos gained so much traction.

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