We Can't Get Enough Of This Grandpa Showing Off His Winter Melons Using Corgi For Scale

So adorbs.

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An 89-year-old grandpa posing with his huge winter melons while using pet corgi for scale has gone viral after their adorable photos were shared on the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits

The photos were originally shared by the man's granddaughter, Carolyn Betty Wike.

Carolyn, who resides in the United States, took to the internationally popular group earlier in this month, writing: "Our grandpa (Gong Gong) was super proud of the winter melons he grew this year in his garden and used Edmund the corgi for scale."

In the photos, her grandpa can be been brightly smiling while posing with the melons.

While sharing the adorable photos of her 'Gong Gong', Chinese for maternal grandfather, Carolyn asked the group members if their grandparents also "get proud of the veggies they grow?"

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"He is very proud of his garden and frequently asks the neighbours to come to take a tour. He also likes to give them away to neighbours and friends," Carolyn shared.

She revealed to Nextshark that her grandpa has been growing winter melons, bitter melons, and other greens for over five decades after he moved to San Francisco in 1947 from Taishan, Guangdong province where he was born.

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Meanwhile, Edmund the corgy, who is her uncle's pet, plays an important part in her grandpa's gardening, Carolyn shared

According to her, while Edmund is wheelchair-bound, he is a very handy measuring reference whenever its time for photographs.

"Whenever he wants a picture with his melons, he asks my uncle to bring Edmund over. I think for the size reference," Nextshark quoted Carolyn as saying.

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Her Facebook post has been flooded with comments and reactions

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Image via SAT

She also revealed that her grandpa not only loves gardening but is also loves to record everything with his video camera

"He has always been the designated videographer for holidays and family trips.

"He likes to zoom in on my Popo's face whenever she is eating. I’m not sure why but he gets a kick out of it when she gets mad about it," she added.

Carolyn with her grandpa.

Image via Nextshark

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