Just A Few Of The Reasons Why We Love And Will Miss Mei Mei Chu <3

We're not crying, we're just allergic to emotions.

Mei Mei Chu has left the building and this is how we feel

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Since she's such a big part of the SAYS family, we wanna tell Mei just how much we love her and will miss having her around!

Darian will miss his grammar guru

Me standing so awks.

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Thanks for all the tutorials and improving me grammar. From its and it's and stuff. All the best on your new journey in New Zealand! Hope you get to meet some real Hobbits and do send us photos when you're there! #jealous. bye bye bye bye bye bye.

I'm going to miss you, Mermaid. - Nightwatchman

The experience of working with you, Mei, has been one of the most fantastic one for me. You've always been there to help assist me in my stories, pointing out errors where needed, and complimenting me on my each small effort. Among the various things that I'm going to miss after you're gone from SAYS, it will be your inputs, your smiles and our collaborations. Hope to see you in person one day! Till then, keep traveling and writing. I know how much you love that, I see it in your stories.

Because you're going to live your dreams, to explore further possibilities, here's a translated version of a very powerful poem by Paash:

"Most dangerous is
To be filled with dead peace
Not to feel agony and bear it all,
Leaving home for work
And from work return home
Most dangerous is the death of our dreams."

Never let your dreams die, Mei!

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Eyad has to search for a new lunch buddy...

What's up with the awkward hand placements la omg

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Thank you, Mei for being a constant and awesome lunch buddy, introducing me to pretty much all the Chinese foods I know and making sure I ALWAYS recycle the boxes the food came in. Being in the office is not the same without you around, but I know you're in a better place trying to catch some Hobbits. See you soon and keep writing for us!!

...while shyguy Gaddafi will rindu the random chit chats

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I'm going to miss MMC random conversations - stories from her backpacking trips, stories about Chinese customs and traditional stuff, poking her about her feminism on Slack, being awkwardly silent on lunch table with Wawan - and just having her around the office in general. :-/

Lee Yee will miss picking Mei's (journalistic) nose. Whoa, things got weird pretty quick.

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Thank you, Mei for being an awesome mentor and teaching me things I couldn't possibly learn from college! You're such an inspiration to me and I really admire your crazy determination and tenacity. You're also like crazy wise beyond your years lah. How lah you do that?

Anyway, wishing you the best of adventures and will miss being able to pick your journalistic nose (for the lack of a better word hehe).

Have fun in NZ and count lotsa sheep and keep in touch! Spread the power of Mei Mei Chu woohoo! :D

Oh, Isky you're not the only one who adores Mei's classic beauty

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Hi Mei, you're such a strong character, and I really adore your personality. You also have a classic beauty that makes me adore you more. :) Feels so sad that you are leaving, to be honest.

Cannot /giphy here, so Grace is showing her love for Mei's adventurous spirit with this awesome GIF:

"and then Mei turns into a mermaid in the ocean"

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What I love about Mei is that I admire her adventurous spirit!

Most awesome thing about Mei. Thank you for mentioning that, Grace. - Sadho!

Don't worry, Tracey! Mei will be back with more insightful stories for us :D

Eyad's face is pixelated because he's vain and thinks he doesn't look good in this photo

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I'm gonna miss your insightful stories and adventurous vibe!

And Brandon will be looking forward to awesome gambar-gambar from Mei's travels

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MMC hammer.. one of the most down to earth girl I’ve ever met.
I understand you have to go.. after all this travel blog of yours needs to be filled with new adventures!
Can’t wait to see more photos your new travel adventures :)
All the best MMC!

Jude has so many nice things to say idk which one to highlight

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Who else would have a nickname like 'Mei Mei Chu'? :)

You put your heart and soul into every story you've ever written on SAYS, and I'm so proud of you. What you've achieved, what you've taught the team, what you've helped to shape, what you've helped SAYS achieve in the past two years. We couldn't have been up on the comScore chart if you weren't a part of it.

1. Strong
2. Laser focused
3. Smart
4. Quick
5. An inspiration to the younger girls here. :)

I wish you the best in all that you set your heart and mind to. I trust you will keep traveling too. Keep in touch, MMC!

Thank you, Sammie for reminding us how stand-up will never be the same without Mei T_T

Many focus

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I'm a little embarrassed to admit this now, but the first time I met Mei, I was a little intimidated.

Then someone shared a Buzzfeed article (I think) on resting bitchface problems... and that's the end of the story.

Right, I'm not good with expressing my feelings okay, so if this sounds like Vision wrote it while he's still in the cradle, forgive me. :D

Anyway. Mei, thank you for the guidance, advice, tips and hacky-packy tricks you've given to me for the past 7 months (I think, I no goods at countings). I feel like a child who still has a lot to learn about life whenever I'm in your presence i.e. when you're presenting your points during stand-up and stuff.

Yes, okay, I will stop rambling now.

P.S. Tom Hiddleston is dating Elizabeth Olsen now. GO GET HIM PLS.

Also, Belle now knows other people think Mei looks scary too but she is actually the coolest person in the Chu clan

And that in real life she's very famous for appearing in National Geography and being a spitting image of 'guanyin'.

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Meiiii, I never told you this before but when I was a kid I was secretly scared of you (it's not you, it's the resting bitch face that runs in the family haha).

I think you're one of the most inspirational people I know. It's very nice to see a different side of you; observant, intelligent, outspoken and ballsy. It's also great that you're very driven by your passions and principles too. Amazingly you also come with the spirit animal of Bob Marley and all the good chill vibes. Christmas and Chinese New Year will never be the same without you! >:

Thanks for teaching me with such kind patience and constructive criticism. I really appreciate all the grammar lessons and journalistic tips I could never have gotten anywhere! It has been very enlightening, to know the groundworks to being a great journalist and person. The Chu clan is proud, all the best in NZ Mei! :D

For Mei, BKT will miss you.

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Yee Lin will miss Mei so much, she'll fly to NZ to bungee jump with her. Please record your "you jump, I jump" moment pls kthxbai

Thank you, Yee Lin for this lovely photo of Mei!

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I'll miss you because you're the first Meimaid I've ever known! And also, it's been a pleasure getting to know you. Have a swell time in New Zealand! Maybe I'll join you, and we can go bungee jumping! Wheee! Looking forward to reading an article written by you in the New York Times! Till then, byeeeeeee Mei!

Chris will be reminded of Mei every day by this weird moss thing on his desk

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Mei, my marimo friend

Aiyoh, RonnKorr all you miss is Klang food kah?

The 3 amoi cantik and 4 old men.

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I will miss Mei because nobody will laugh at my witty Klang’s jokes anymore. Please bring us for a food trip at Klang again when you are back.

Yes, we can all feel Wawan's rage. SO MUCH FEELS!!!

Many prettiii

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Although it breaks me to see you leaving but what matter most is you're happy with your choice. Don’t forget to find a place for me to climb in NZ! AND I DARE YOU TO FORGET ABOUT ME I DAAAAREEE YOUUU!!!

Last but not least, Nguyen will miss Mei, but can't figure out why. Typical...

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"I will miss her. But I can’t put my finger on why." - Nguyen Vu Nguyen, Life Coach, 2015.

All the best to you, Mei Mei Chu aka Mermaid aka the only other tea drinker in the office

Derpy Mei is the best

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Keep in touch and come back to visit us with more awesome stories of your adventures!

Also, one last thing! Who's going to water the plant now ah?

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For those wondering... Yes, we're looking for a replacement. This is our best candidate so far:

When you don't have the best, you go for second best.

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