Malaysians Resort To Puns, Memes And Humour To Deal With #CabinetReshuffle Stress

As always, Malaysians never disappoint when it comes to creativity and humour.

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28 July would've been like any other Tuesday in Malaysia if not for the sudden news that the cabinet would be reshuffled in the afternoon

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The rumours turned out to be true, as Muhyiddin Yassin, the Deputy Prime Minister was replaced by Zahid Hamidi, the Home Minister

As expected, the news fired hot conversation on social media. Creative reactions did not disappoint...

1. One summarised the whole incident through this easy to understand WhatsApp analogy

2. While some felt sorry that our former Deputy Prime Minister got friendzoned by his bro

3. In other news...

4. Matluthfi90, a popular YouTuber made this rather funny word play joke

5. To some the hashtag #CabinetReshuffle literally means a cabinet reshuffle

6. This Twitter user and his very punny joke

7. That kaki jilat Najib description of Zahid Hamidi on Wikipedia

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8. Najwa Mahiaddin, the daughter of Muhiyiddin Yassin tweeted a simple "Allah knows best"

9. Zahid Hamidi's mood was likened to that of a happy killer whale

10. This video clip by former Transport Minister Samy Vellu sums up this Twitter user's feelings perfectly

11. For law students, expect this to be asked in your constitutional law classes

12. You be the Minister of Finance, you be the Minister of Transport, and you be the Minister of Sports!

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13. On a more serious note, it was a wakeup call to young Malaysians for an increase of knowledge on the nation's political climate

Feeling lost? Catch up all the updates on the whole situation from the beginning to end HERE:

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