If You Think Having A Clone Of Yourself Solves Problems, Think Again...

Double trouble!

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We've all done it. Imagined how easy it would make our lives if we had a clone.

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But what if instead of helping us out, having a clone actually makes things more difficult?!

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You expect the clone to do all the work so you can have fun but it could be the opposite!

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When your clone gets up to no good, you get blamed pulak #notfair

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Say hello to your literal evil twin.

You have to compete with your clone for the same parking spot in the mall

Only one car? It's going to be a neverending battle on who gets to drive.

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Your clone is also probably going to be the worst backseat driver

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Imagine your mum comparing you to your clone in exams, “Why can’t you be just like him/her?"

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It'll be super awkward when you and your clone like the same person...

...and the person PICKS YOUR CLONE OVER YOU

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To make matters worse, your friends also choose to lepak only with your clone T_T

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You'll finally realise how annoying you actually are because you can experience it firsthand

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Don't even talk about all your physical flaws in full view omg

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"Am I actually that ugly?!" T_T

Many say your biggest enemy is yourself. Now there are TWO of you!

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*pulls out hair*

Next thing you know, your clone is living your best possible life while you're just... you

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Competing with each other will go on for ages for one person to win

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Nobody will come out victorious from a race, or playing a game of Monopoly or chess...

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We sure hope your clone doesn't complain as much as you do...