What's Ronaldo Doing In A Video Like This? We Don't Have The Answer

While celebrities keep endorsing some pretty random products, what Ronaldo endorses in this video is beyond the levels of randomness we've seen in a celebrity product endorsement video. Enjoy our RANDOM WEDNESDAY this week featuring Ronaldo endorsing something called facial fitness pao.

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While celebrities have been known to endorse some pretty nonsensical products if it means making a quick buck, we're certainly not sure what is Cristiano Ronaldo even endorsing here?

And the fact that someone got superstar Ronaldo to endorse a product so oddly random that the ad doesn't even feature him using it, raises way too many questions in our head

The ad begins with Ronaldo doing what he does best, fancy footwork. So you aren't alone in initially thinking this is simply a football commercial. But wait!

Enter a flexi-boomerang type object that could just be mistaken for an adult toy. The hilarity continues when he flops the object around and then it is lodged in the mouths of several other actors.

It's a real shame that all the Real Madrid star did was to muster a smiling glance at the contraption, which is meant to be held in his mouth, as it flaps wildly in his hands like a frightened bird. Guess he was too taken aback by this guy's reaction:

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The Japan Times reports Ronaldo signed on to represent MTG, a Japanese beauty and wellness product manufacturer, in late July. "We thought Cristiano Ronaldo was the only person who can represent our product," MTG President and CEO Tsuyoshi Matsushita said during a July 22 press conference with the soccer player.

WATCH: The full ad in its wonderful entirety here:

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