These 13 Ghost Stories Told By Malaysians Will Keep You Awake All Night

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood...

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Note: all pictures used are for illustration purposes only and names have been changed for privacy.

1. The Almost Murder: "Whenever I would balik kampung to my grandmother's house in Penang confirm got incidents happen wan!"

"Once, my grandmother and I were chatting with each other in the hall on the first floor when we heard some banging noises from upstairs. We were the only ones in the house at the time. My grandmother told me to ignore it and to just pretend like we never heard anything. I was a bit creeped out but listened to her. The banging sounds got louder and out of nowhere an umbrella came flying down from the second floor and almost stabbed my grandmother in the neck!"

- Siti

2. The Guardian Spirit: "One day, I had a really bad fever so I skipped uni to rest. I was trying to sleep after taking my medicine when I saw a black figure watching me from across the room."

"As it slowly approached my bed, I felt colder and colder, despite my fever. I kept trying to move but it felt like something heavy was weighing me down and forcing me to keep still. I squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as possible and started reciting every prayer I could think of, including the Hail Mary. From behind my closed lids, I could see blue light so I opened my eyes to see a blue-shrouded figure blocking the black one from reaching my bed. The black figure kept trying to break past for a while but eventually gave up and vanished."

- Casey

3. The Playmate: "I'm one of those people that have always been able to see things. And it seems that I've passed on that ability to my son, he's recently started seeing a little girl in my mother's house."

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"He's the only one that is able to see her. He's always telling us about the things that they do together and we sometimes find him talking to what to us looks like no one. Stuff in the house is constantly getting moved around too, seems like this little girl is quite playful!"

- Maya

4. The Clone: "This happened at the end of a weekend trip in Morib. My husband had just left back to KL for work and I was half asleep in our villa when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and entering my room. I knew it couldn't be my husband because I had locked the door from the inside."

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"It came up right next to me, grabbed my hand and called out to me in my husband's voice. A quick glance was all I needed to see that it had taken on his form! I tried to chant some holy mantras but something was preventing me from speaking. The thing laughed and smirked, as if taunting me for not being able to get rid of it. It took a while but I eventually managed to force the words out. As I repeated the mantras, the thing slowly released me and backed off. It paced angrily in front of my bed for a while before disappearing."

- Maya (same person as previous story)

5. The Attention Seeker: "A spirit attached itself to my mother and followed her back into our house from a graveyard after Mahgrib"

"It mostly terrorized my mother, she would get the most horrifying nightmares and her body was constantly in pain. Whenever my siblings and I would watch TV in the upstairs hall, we would hear something running back and forth behind us even when no one else was at home. We would also hear really loud crashes from our room when we weren't in them but when we checked, there was nothing out of place. All the incidents only stopped after we got the house blessed by an ustaz."

- Amir

6. The Lie Turned Real: "What started out as a prank by our teachers during a school camp ended up becoming real"

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"They woke all of us up at 3AM saying that a toyol had kidnapped one of the boys. We gathered at the tapak perhimpunan to stay safe as a group while the teachers went off to rescue him. There was a lot of commotion going on, with the teachers shouting like crazy while they supposedly chasing down the toyol. We heard a really loud smash of glass breaking. One of the windows of a classroom had been smashed and we saw a black shadow emerge. It climbed up onto the roof of the building and stood there staring at all of us with its bright red eyes before leaving by jumping from rooftop to rooftop, disappearing into the night.

The next morning, the teachers told us that it was all a prank and that the boy was safe and sound in the pejabat. But they were confused to the max when we asked them how they managed to pull off what we saw and thought that we were just trying to prank them back. We tried to prove it by showing them the smashed window, but it was now completely undamaged."

- Sara

7. The Haunted Stairs: "My primary school in Subang Jaya has a legendary tangga berhantu"

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"It led up to the water tank that has been chained off ever since a female student committed suicide by drowning herself there years ago. If you use that tangga on a rainy day (because she died on a rainy day), you'd be able to hear ghostly wailing and footsteps stalking your every move. And sometimes, strange things would appear on the walls like students names in blood-red handwriting".

- Shaun

8. The Camp Of Horrors: "I was part of a team that organized a camp in Hulu Langat for underprivileged kids. Kena kacau non-stop throughout that time!"

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"The kids especially kena every night. They would either feel something pulling their legs hard enough to leave finger marks and practically drag them off the bed or see terrifying spirits hovering over them. Then one night, us facilitators also kena. We were heading back to our dorm after the day's activities when we noticed a figure standing (well, more like floating really) on top of the pond.

We tried to just ignore it and keep walking, hoping that it would just leave us alone if we didn't disturb it but when we reached the bridge near the pond (must cross to get to our dorm wan) it materialized in front of us, blocking us from reaching our dorm. We were completely frozen in fear and I honestly think we wouldn't have made it back to our dorm that night if it wasn't for a fellow facilitator on the other side of the bridge. He saw what was happening and yelled for the spirit to leave us alone. Miraculously, it listened."

- Hazrul

9. The Endless Journey: "I was on a roadtrip to Penang with a friend who is usually super talkative but at one point she suddenly stopped talking and remained completely silent for quite a while."

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"I figured that she just wanted to focus on driving so I just took a nap. It wasn't until we got to Penang that she told me that she had seen a dark figure walking against traffic in the middle of the road. And as if that wasn't scary enough, she summore kept driving past the SAME figure over and over again like it was following us or something eeeee! So thankful that I was asleep the whole time and didn't see anything!"

- Eliza

10. The Photobombers: "My friends and I were staying at a resort in Melaka while on vacation. We were playing around taking pictures outside at 2AM when one of our friends suddenly kept insisting that we stop and head back inside."

"None of us really wanted to 'cause we were having so much fun but this fella was so insistent that we conceded to him. He's one of those that can nampak benda one la, so he said that there were actually quite a few spirits who had come out earlier because they were disturbed by all the noise we were making. But what they apparently hated most of all was the camera's flash.

He said they had been watching us and muttering to themselves for quite a while before finally starting to approach us and ended up close enough to stand between us and the camera which is when he told us to go inside. We didn't really believe him until we saw the pictures we took. Most of them were crazy distorted! Some had white streaks completely blocking parts of us out and some had shadows surrounding us. We deleted all the photos and left the next morning."

- Daniel

11. The Floater And Fighter: "I'll never forget this one incident that happened when I was 18. My brother and I were home alone, he was playing PS upstairs and I was watching TV downstairs."

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"There are two windows that overlook my garden behind the TV so while watching I thought I noticed something passing by the first window. I focused on the second window because it has to pass by there too and freaked the heck out when I saw what looked like a white sheet just slowly floating past. Screamed for my brother to come downstairs so we were both huddling on the couch together when we heard loud clashing noises like from a battle or something from upstairs.

He said that the sounds were just from his game and he stayed with me and kept reassuring me until I calmed down. Much later once I had practically forgotten about what happened, he told me that the sounds weren't actually from his game because he paused it before coming down. Our mother still doesn't believe us till today."

- Anne

12. The Claws: "My siblings and I were hanging out with our cousins at my aunt's house in Seremban. We were waiting for her to finish taking a shower so that we could all go out for dinner."

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"Out of nowhere, we heard her screaming madly as if she were being attacked. We rushed over to the bathroom and banged on the door asking if she was okay. It flew open without warning and she ran out, still screaming. We chased her into the hall and found her crying. She was reluctant to tell us what happened because we are all still quite young at the time but she couldn't hide the effects of it. We were all horrified when we saw deep gashes running down her back, like something with claws had scratched her.

Our uncle immediately went to the temple and brought a priest back with him to treat my aunt's wounds and bless the house. There were no more supernatural incidents after that but that one was more than enough to scar us (no pun intended) for life."

- Rani

Okay, we're seriously creeped out right now! Totally sleeping with all the lights on tonight!

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But wait, we've saved the best for last...

13. The Pisang Incident: "My father told me that when he was a kid, he wanted to see a hantu pisang IRL"

"There was a banana tree right outside his bedroom window so one night he tied a piece of string to the jantung and tied the other end to his foot. In the dead of the night, he was woken up by violent pulling on the string. He got so scared that something was actually happening to he quickly untied the string from around his foot and started reciting prayers. He heard loud cackling coming from outside, and it sounded like there was more than one creature out there. Terrified but still curious, he slowly crept over to the window and peeped outside. His 5 siblings were there, all falling over themselves with laughter over having successfully trolled my father LOL."

- Lana

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