[VIDEO] White Guy On Tiktok Dips Unpeeled Rambutan & Durian In Batter Then Deep-Fries Them

He then proceeds to eat them!

Cover image via @scottsreality (TikTok)

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Recently, Malaysians came across a TikTok account of a man, who is deep-frying all sorts of random things for views and giggles

For example, one of the fruits he deep-fried recently were rambutan!

While deep-frying fruits may sound like a normal thing (pisang goreng anyone?), it's what this guy is not doing before dipping them in the batter is what's making people lose their minds.

He isn't peeling the skin!

Not only is he deep-frying them with the skin still on, he then goes on to eat them.

And if that got your attention, it's no surprise that his video where he dips a bunch of unpeeled rambutan in batter and then deep-fries them has received over 13 million views in just a couple of days.

The video's comment section is also filled with almost close to 70,000 comments from locals and others in the Southeast Asia region, with most of them telling the man — who for some weird reason also doesn't seem to care that there's an insect crawling on his unpeeled, deep-fried rambutan — to peel the skin first.

Watch the TikTok here:


This fried fruit was 9/10 and it’s my fav fruit! Who knows the name?

Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP

Similarly, he also deep-fried a whole durian without opening it up

The video with the durian has also amassed more than 14 million views since it was uploaded.

In the comment section, people — probably tired of his deep-frying antics — are telling him to "fry the fly" that crawls in his every video, with others going so far as to suggest that he should deep-fry his hand.

However, it's this one particular comment that got us cracking up:

Watch him disrespect the king of fruits here:


Reply to @ramanarai565 Rate the results 1-10 What to fry next?

Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP

In his other videos, he deep-fries a bottle of Coke, a cactus plant, a stone, a wine glass, toilet paper, a toothbrush, and even a hammer

Basically, you name anything and he is ready to take up the challenge.

There seems to be no point to his videos except that it amuses some and makes others scream internally. But all this attention is clearly serving to pile up the views for. His profile has almost 650 million likes.

Meanwhile, a worker at Restoran Mee Razak in Kedah was extremely puzzled by a long essay-like order he received for three nasi kandar:

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