Man Shares Wholesome Convo He Had With Toyota On Instagram That'll Give You Major Feels

The car provider we all need. :')

Cover image via Krish Parmar/Unsplash & @atdanwhite/Twitter

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Twitter user @atdanwhite recently shared a screenshot of him exchanging goodnight wishes with his car provider, Toyota

The heartwarming exchange was also accompanied by the user's tweet claiming this is exactly why he drives a Toyota.

Recently, instead of his usual "Goodnight, Toyota", the Twitter user shared how he was nervous for an upcoming job interview, and Toyota had the perfect response

We can't help but awww at this entire exchange. :') 

Toyota is truly the supportive friend that everyone needs in their life, hehe.

Netizens were also delighted at the conversation, offering a lot of praise towards the automobile company

One user even asked if this was an ad, to which @atdanwhite said, it's "an ad to remember to believe in yourself".

The funniest part is probably when Hyundai chimed in to poke fun at the conversation, haha!

Unfortunately, Toyota did not reply to them. :P 

The next time you're feeling down, you can try messaging Toyota or your own car provider for a little pick-me-up

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