15 Obvious Reasons Why Having A Pet Is Way Better Than Being In A Relationship

For one thing, they'll never judge your questionable music choices.

1. For a start, you can have as many pets as you like

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2. They are just as passionate about stuffing their faces as you are

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They know the sheer joy of having food in your mouth, and that's why they're NEVER going to make you feel guilty about having that large pizza all to yourself.

3. If they get a little chubby from all that face-stuffing, it just makes them adorable on a whole other level

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4. You could be looking your worst, but they'd never notice nor care

They've seen you without your BB cream and eyeliner, and they still adore you all the same.

5. If you're making it your resolution to lose all that extra pounds once and for all, they'll be there to support you all the way

6. They don't make snide remarks about your experimental fashion choices

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7. They'll always take interest in your hobbies

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8. And they're totally okay with the dodgy side of your Spotify playlist

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Blast that Justin Bieber playlist all day long if you want to; if it's your jam, it's their jam too!

9. They'll listen to you vent about your day without bombarding you with opinions you didn't even ask for

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10. They don't get insecure about trivial things like making less money than you

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11. There's absolutely zero anxiety when bringing them to meet the family

You don't have to worry if your family and friends will love them. Hint: they will.

12. Every gift you get them is magical

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13. They make the cuddliest buddies in bed

No fighting over the bed covers, no arguing over the air-con temperature. Just hours of quality sleep.

14. You don't have to deal with messy fights and all the passive-agressiveness that follows

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Even if you do get into a fight, they won't last for more than 2 seconds before you're back to the cuddles and the good times!

15. And the good times never have to come to an end!

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You'll never have to be subjected to the whole "It's not you, it's me" nonsense. When it comes to pets, it's you and them for life!

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