There Are Times When A Girl Just Needs To Know: How Do Guys 'Tahan' Smells Like That?

It's as if they like committing homicide to their noses.

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Sometimes you come across a guy who's nice, clean, tidy, and everything seems right, but there's just something that doesn't smell right. Quite literally.

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On the outside, things might look fine and spotless, but the stench is something else to behold. It's especially true when...

1. The car seats look pristine but you can still smell the many bodies that have been in his car

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2. His clothes smell of how intense that futsal match was

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3. But his socks are worse and probably rancid enough to wake someone from a coma

4. You can detect the stale air before even stepping into his bachelor pad

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The last time he cracked open the window was probably last month.

5. You don't know how he can sleep with that saliva-stenched pillow of his

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6. He thinks he can hide the smell of his dirty laundry with a sealed bag but oh boy, is he wrong

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7. You think he has a dog but nope. That's just a whiff of bau hapak from his moist towel.

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8. You can almost imagine when their bed sheet was changed the last time. Hint: before you met him.

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9. And you avoid using his bathroom for some very obvious reasons

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You'd rather not have to go through again the rancid reminders of the many times he missed when he peed.

10. You get a whiff of his spilt coffee every few minutes but have no idea where it's coming from

The stain might be gone but not the smell. You just can't escape it.

11. You go to grab a seemingly clean plate but the smell disagrees

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12. You can get a whiff yesterday's trash even though the bin is empty

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13. You can tell he's gotten rid of the rotten food from the fridge but definitely not the lingering stench

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14. There's a trail of cigarette smell from the car to the toilet to the couch left by his smoker friend(s)

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It takes just one person to turn everything, everywhere smelling like cigarettes!

15. You still don't get how he tahan all cooped up in a stuffy, musty cyber cafe all day and actually enjoy it

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It's time for the nostril abuse to stop! You just can't help but wonder how he could have lived with the smells all these while...

Perhaps he's just noseblind to all these odours and it's not his fault at all!

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Pamela Dalton, a cognitive psychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center, explains, "When you first smell an odour, your scent receptors send a signal to your brain’s limbic system, which determines how you will process and feel about that particular scent."

But Dalton says the receptors in your nose essentially turn off after around two breaths, and the scent—no matter how strong initially—starts to fade.

That's right, everybody. Looks can be deceiving! Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean you can't smell it. ;)

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So, how do you solve this issue, you cry! Well, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, and can be easily solved by effortlessly incorporating some Ambipur into your life

You can also take a step back and become aware of some of these odours you might have become noseblind to as well...