Woman Shares The 'Worst Thing You'll See' In Bali & It Looks Like A Nightmare

Intriguing but geli.

Cover image via @graces__adventures (TikTok)

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A tourist recently shared a video of something she saw in Bali, and it's both fascinating and hauntingly nightmarish

Freelance content creator Grace Kelly shared a video that has racked up millions of views on TikTok and Instagram.

It's the "worst thing you'll see in Bali," she said in her caption.

In the video, she unveils a chilling sight: hundreds of spiders suspended on webs along a roadside while travelling between Ubud and Mount Batur, just on the border of Kintamani.

However, these spiders aren't your typical small house spiders; each one measured roughly the size of her wristwatch

"I glimpsed at it as we drove past and gasped and asked the driver to turn around because I couldn't believe what I'd seen," the British traveller told

"I'm absolutely terrified of spiders but I think the awe took over and I knew I wanted to capture it as it was so out of this world. Also, they were very still which made me less uneasy. I didn't get too close," she said, adding that the webs spanned about 20m.

People online were both terrified and amazed at the same time

"I was worried about 'bali belly' and no Bali spiders are topping the list of nopes," commented one person.

Another said, "Bali was #1 on my bucket list and now it is #99283774748272763647474."

"They [are] just keeping the bugs away," wrote one person, while another said, "My jaw dropped, I've never seen anything like this."

Meanwhile, others said they would travel to Bali just to see this.

Despite the unsettling video, Kelly expressed her deep love for Bali, emphasising that not even the presence of spiders would dissuade her.

She also mentioned that this video was taken in a remote part of the island and is not a common sight. 

Replying to comments on her post, Kelly shared that these spiders are known as Golden Orb Weavers and are harmless

Despite their menacing size and intricate webs, golden orb-weaver spiders pose no threat to humans, as their venom is not harmful.

Moreover, these spiders are typically non-aggressive and are more inclined to retreat than to bite when disturbed.

They are also skilled predators, primarily feeding on insects. So, they play a crucial role in controlling insect populations, aiding in pest control, and contributing to the overall balance of the ecosystem.

You can watch the full video below:


welcome to h$ll on earth (dont actually let this put you off Bali i think this is some kind of natural phenomenon and not very common - and was not in a popular location) This video is being represented by LADbible Group. For any usage/licensing requests, please email [email protected] #baliviral #balilife #explorebali #arachnophobia #spiders #spiderverse #indonesiatiktok #visitbali

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