You Will Never Be As Dramatic In Life As This Chubby Cat


Cover image via @tang9599/Instagram

We all have that one dramatic friend.

For this woman, it's her furry cat who goes by the name 'Ah Fei'.

Ah Fei has become quite a social media star for his adorable expressions and dramatic reactions to life

According to Bored Panda, Ah Fei, which translated from Mandarin means "fat", used to be a stray cat before he was adopted by its owner Tang Chang.

Like most cats, Ah Fei is a non-pretentious feline who has no fear in showing its true feelings. Whether it's during play time with Tang...

... Or having to layan its owner's antics, the chonky cat has been through it all.

And frankly, he couldn't care less to pretend to be a cat he's not. Chubbiness and all.

A dog messing around with a pig?

Image via Bored Panda


Oh Ah Fei, please never change.

While dogs are named man's best friend, cats have their own way of showing love: