15 Reasons Why You'll Wish You Were Born A Johorean

IMHO, we're not just a state you pass by to reach Singapore.

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I was born and bred in Johor. You know, that state down south, or at times known as 'that place next to Singapore'.

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Okay, we get why people say that because Johor is literally just a bridge away from Singapore. But we’re so much more than a state living in the Lion City’s shadow.

The Johor-Singapore causeway bridge.

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No offence to our Singaporean buddies ok, you guys are awesome.

So, to justify the pride that I have for my home state and how AWESOME it is, here's why:

1. It takes us two hours - tops - to get to Singapore

Depending on which town you embark to Singapore from, the journey would take up to two hours the most. Basically, we can go to Singapore anytime we want lah.

2. Speaking of Singapore, we receive their channels and radio stations too!

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Channel 8? Yeah, we have it! Channel 5? We watch it everyday! Channel News Asia? Of course! No cable needed. ;)

3. GST? What's that?

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That 6% is almost non-existent to us. Yes, it might only apply to state government services, but hey, it's better than nothing!

4. We have the most badass royal family in country...

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Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ) has always been in the limelight lately for his outspoken nature - like how he taunted Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture in this viral video. Also, who could forget the Boeing 737-800 jet?

5. … And the ONLY state army in Malaysia. #LuaskanKuasamu


6. We have LEGOLAND

Situated in Iskander Puteri, LEGOLAND is Malaysia's first international theme park and the first LEGOLAND theme park in Asia!

7. And right next to LEGOLAND is Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

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The first Sanrio Hello kitty Town theme park outside of Japan is now located at Nusajaya, Johor Bahru. The theme park consists of various walk-through attractions, interactive activities and rides, which follow the Hello Kitty theme.

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Hello Kitty loves Johor.

8. We get to buy a Burberry bag for 30% off at JPO. Don't be jealous.

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The first luxury premium outlet in Southeast Asia, Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) is a collection of 130 designer including Burberry, Coach and Armani Exchange and brand outlet stores featuring saving of 25% to 65% every day! It's pretty much shopping heaven.

9. We get to enjoy duty-free shopping too!

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The ZON Mall and Department Store is the LARGEST duty-free shopping mall in Malaysia occupying 5 floors of shopaholic heaven.

10. Our state football club is the best in Malaysia

Johor Darul Ta'zim Football Club (JDT) is currently playing in the Malaysian Super League, which is the top division in Malaysian football. Owned by TMJ, the team won the Super League back in 2014. In 2015, they were crowned the AFC Cup champions. Are they good or what?

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Don't hate the team, hate the game.

11. Our roundabouts are so majestic it’ll make Donald Trump weep

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In celebrating of the coronation of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar as the fifth Johor sultan, roundabouts in Johor have been renovated to look like crowns. Trump wished he had a crown like this to cover up his hairline.

12. We have some of the best kaya toast and coffee in Malaysia

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You've probably heard or been to Kluang Rail Coffee, right? First started out back in 1938, the humble establishment is known for its charcoal roasted bread paired with homemade kaya. The coffee beans are 100 % locally grown and hand roasted to perfection.

Kluang kaya toast and coffee

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13. Since we’re talking about food, let it be known that our mee rebus and laksa Johor are TO DIE FOR

Mee rebus (L) and laksa Johor (R)

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14. You’ve seen sky-high Hindu temples with gorgeous architecture, but you ain’t seen nothing ’til you walk into the first Hindu glass temple ever built. Which is in Johor. Hah.

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Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman temple is primarily made out of glass. It's the first glass temple in the Hindu world and a big tourist attraction in the state.

15. We can take a stroll to the southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia any time we want, coz it’s… well, right there...

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Tanjung Piai Johor National Park's claim to fame is that it is the southern most tip of Peninsular Malaysia, and therefore as far south as you can go on the continent of Asia (or Eurasia).

Fellow Johoreans, what are some of your favourite things about the state? Let us know in the comments below!

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