Sh*t People Tell Me Just Because I Stay In Cheras

IMHO, Cheras is AWESOME!


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    • The #1 thing that every other non-Cheras person says when I tell them that I'm from Cheras.


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    • Fun fact: The toll in the image above was abolished in May 2011.

  • 3. "Oh, you live in Cheras? Which area?"... "Wait, where is that?"

  • 4. "Actually... where is Cheras?"

  • 5. "Connaught Pasar Malam!"

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    • "It's the longest pasar malam's not really that nice."

  • 6. "Eh, Cheras got gangsters?"

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      Photo for illustration purposes only.

    • Wait, I thought that should be Klang, not Cheras. :p

  • 7. "Cheras got a lot of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians, right?"

  • 8. "Do you guys even have any shopping malls there?"

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    • Have you heard of 'Cheras Leisure Mall', 'Cheras Sentral' or 'Viva Shopping Mall'?

      Move along now.

  • 9. "Now you guys got your own IKEA too right?"

      "But why is it Cheras when it's so near KLCC?"

    • I know all you PJ people are very thankful for IKEA Cheras.

  • 10. "IKEA Cheras is in Cheras ah?"

  • 11. “Cheras always flood one right?"

  • 12. "You stay in Cheras? Isn't it like a kampung?"

  • 13. "So many potholes!!!"

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    • Yes, just imagine how I go through them everyday.

  • 14. "Why is Cheras SO big?!"

  • 15. "What do Cheras people do for fun?"

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    • I ask myself that question too (sometimes).

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  • Meanwhile, do any of your friends from PJ say these things?

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