This Is How We Will Grow Rich Together

"You'll get all your money back. I promise."

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Do you currently feel trapped in your life and don’t know how to find your way out?

Maybe you’re stuck in a boring job — but continue to work because you have to support your family. Your tiny yearly increment doesn’t help, but every year things cost more and more. And because you’re working so hard, you don’t even have time to see your loved ones. Are you just going to continue like this for the next 20 years?

Is this all there is to life?

What if I told you there was a way to achieve all your dreams, while doing good work to help other people? Yes, you can have it all: money, success and happiness. I know, because I was once in the exact same situation like you. And yet I found my way to success.

If you have a few minutes today, let me tell you about my company.

Let me tell you about your opportunity for freedom.

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My company; your opportunity for freedom

My company is pretty new — it’s just 3 years old in Malaysia, but it’s already a huge success. We might not be well-known, but we have investors from China and Hong Kong who are backing us, plus our local Dato’ Abu Ramli also sits on the board of directors. In other words, it’s very stable.

I wanted my company to have a very good name, so I named it People Prosperity Sdn. Bhd. — a company by the people for the people. It’s an amazing company that I’m so proud of.

We help poor people who have been left behind by evil capitalist corporations and the government. This is my vision and mission: to help common people get the prosperous lives they deserve. Our people. And I will not rest till we succeed.

We’re all gonna grow rich together!

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Even celebrities support us

Our website is at www.prosperpeople.com. Like the name? I wanted it to be catchy and easy to remember. The website looks stunning because I got the best designers to develop it.

Here’s a success tip for you: we use a lot of black and gold because those colours show prestige. It’s important for business people like us to look professional. I’ll tell you why later…

Did you know that a few celebrities are already working together with us? Yes, even Datuk Lim our national badminton player, Sharifah K (the singer), and Dr. Aman (the serial entrepreneur) are our partners.

Plus have you checked out our Instagram page? A lot of social media influencers have also joined us. They’re young, good-looking and successful. They’re great role models!

Oh yes, and I almost forgot. You see me a lot in the media too, because I’m the face of the organisation. It’s important nowadays that the CEO shows his face a lot. What? You’re saying that I look a bit too young to be a CEO? It’s actually okay. Here’s another success tip for you: people nowadays like fresh and new things.

Especially college students.

Our core markets

Ah yes… the college students. They’re young and hungry, and they’re constantly in contact with new people. Our business is already spreading like wildfire through their FB and WhatsApp groups — for free! It would be stupid for me to not work with them right?

The only problem is… college students don’t really have that much money to invest. Our company can only do so much for them.

But I have another secret… our core market is actually the bored housewives. You saw that coming didn’t you? (I knew you were smart.) These ladies who don’t know anything about finance are sitting on hundreds of thousands in their Fixed Deposits. They’ve been saving all their lives and they’re used to interest rates of 3-4% per year. They run from bank to bank chasing Fixed Deposit promotions that promise 0.5% more.

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What do you think happens when I tell them I’ll give them 10% a month?

Of course, they’ll be scared too. And they question if we’re running some kind of scam. But don’t worry, we’re not a scam. We’re a legitimate business trying to help common people. I always convince the aunties. Wanna know how?

Here’s the secret: Emotions trump logic. Every single time. First, I gain their trust by asking about their children, and giving them small branded gifts. Then I subtly mention my business without being pushy. I don’t even need to sell. They’re already bored with their lives and looking for something more — they’re the ones begging me to share.

When I finally invite them to our investment introduction event, do you think they’ll wanna stay home with their boring husbands? Or grab the opportunity to dress up, feel young and be inspired by other successful aunties?

The business model of the future

What? You’re asking me about my business model? No need to worry about all that my friend…

Those are big words that only evil companies with arrogant rich people use. The only thing you need to know is that our company is by common people for common people. And we want everyone to share in the wealth together. They are selfish, but we are not. We share.

Okay, if you really want to know: we make money by investments in the finance technology sector. I can show you more details when we have time, but it’s quite difficult for common people to understand. We have a very experienced team of Swiss-trained investment experts who handle all this for us — so you don’t need to worry about the details.

All you need to start is an initial investment of RM1,000. We will give you 10% profits every month — directly banked into you. You don’t have to do anything. Easy!

What’s more important for you is to start sharing this information with all your friends and family. You want to help your loved ones make easy money too right?

The great business opportunity

Okay, I knew you were gonna have doubts. But that’s a good thing — it means you’re smart. Which means you’re going to make a lot of money!

We’re not a pyramid scheme or a scam. We’re not even an MLM. We’re a legitimate company with a service. Why do we keep inviting investors to join us? Well, if you knew of something good wouldn’t you want to share it with the people you love?

And this is the best one of them all: making money from home so you can spend more time with your family.

Like I said earlier, RM1,000 is all it takes to get started — that’s Silver Level. After three months, your limit will be raised to RM5,000 and you’ll be upgraded to Gold Status. To maintain Gold though, you’ll need to get 4 friends to invest too.

Hey, if you’re serious about this, you need to work together with us. What you get out of this business depends on how hard you’re willing to work.

Another sign that we’re a legit company: I’m setting a limit on how much you can invest. Have you ever heard of a scam that limits investments? No right? See, you can trust me.

Platinum is the next level. The rich investors there can invest up to RM25,000. What’s the next level? Diamond is next, and that’s where the fun really happens.

Oh BTW, I’m hosting a Diamond-level business gathering at St. Regis tonight. We’re having Japanese food, and hearing an inspirational story from a guy who used to be a teacher but now owns 3 Ferraris. Crazy right? I’m sorry I can’t invite you yet, but once you get 100 investors under you — let me know?

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Take action now

Did you enjoy the extra RM1,000 bonus you got last month? See I told you, the 10% dividend sounds high — but sometimes we pay even more. And if we’re a scam, do you think you get paid immediately on the 1st of every month?

BTW — you’re at Gold Level now, and doing great. Congratulations! If you want to invest more at Platinum Level, you need to get just another 12 more people to invest.

You’re so close; I can sense success and greatness in you. All you need is to keep having faith in our mission to help others. Forget about all those people who reject you. Forget about all those people who say we’re a pyramid scheme. Those are losers who aren’t taking action in their lives. Five years from now you’ll look down at them from your penthouse in Mont Kiara and they’ll still be stuck in their boring lives.

Remember, you’re not doing this for yourself — but for others. It’s a noble mission we have to help our people. Don’t forget to keep taking care of your downlines like how I take care of you.

Now, give me a high-five and a hug!

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The worst day of my life

Sorry friend — unfortunately the RM250 million loss you read about in the papers yesterday was true. A team of hackers from the USA heard about the good work we were doing — and they decided to hack us and steal all our money.

It was the worst day of my life.

What is not true is that People Prosperity is a scam. I’ve told you this from the beginning. Those are all lies.

Image via Matt Jones

Here’s what’s really happening: The mainstream media is trying to bully common people like us!

Think about it — the big news companies are good friends with the banks and large corporations. Our company is making poor students and forgotten aunties rich without effort. If we’re not eliminated, the evil companies will start losing all their business too. They’re actually scared of us — that’s why they’re doing this!

Don’t be afraid. Have courage and we will get through this. Together. I can’t be with you right now, because I’m looking for more investors outside the country. I’m meeting five of the top CEOs from Taiwan and China this weekend. With their investment money, I’ll be able to continue the business and make sure everything gets back on track.

Just keep reassuring our people and getting new investors.

My phone will be off for a couple of days, but don’t worry — I’ll update you guys via Social Media.


Hey, sorry for being out of touch for a couple of weeks. I’ve been meeting investors from everywhere and my body broke down from all the work. I’m flying to Germany for an emergency operation later today, but I wanted to let you know you guys are still my top priority.

Remember, we’re a company for the people by the people. Money is not the most important thing, but our mission is. Don’t give up hope, and do remind your downlines to keep the faith: please ask them not to lodge police reports.

As for your money, don’t worry. I have a plan. I just need some more time to work things out.

You’ll get all your money back. I promise.

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