What's So Great About Great Workplace Culture In Malaysia? It Brings Hope, Says Syed Azmi

"Most of my friends works in stressful conditions. I sometimes cry hearing their story."

Cover image via Syed Azmi

Editor's note:

On the 1 May 2015, SAYS writer Mei Mei Chu published an article titled, "6 Malaysian Companies With Awesome Workplace Culture".

We were really happy to see local companies and employees spreading the list in discovery of Malaysians upholding values and team habits they believe in at their place of work. In response, Syed Azmi wrote how it gave him hope. Here's what he wrote:

I love reading this. It gives me hope.

Hope that its possible to have a workplace with such a culture.

Every place of work I have been to, there are things I look around at the surroundings.

A masjid that is at a walking distance and the community. Simply because inside the office the culture is like an industry. I know that even in some companies a wrong ring tone gives a wrong impression and no good will come out of it. Hence, I need the surrounding to be of my balance.

There was one office when I receive this big space... of my request was a wardrobe instead of a bookshelf because I know I might eat sleep there. That is how much I love work.

Its a fact that a medical team working life is not at all glamorous, but I am a firm believer that do not let the workplace dictate you, you dictate yourself. No one can take you out of you. No one. I am not a rebel.

Certainly there is no point fighting a workplace over menial issue where they can say 'No'. So find another area to make the workplace works for you.

It has already taken endless hours of your day, so why not making it your way where no one can say 'No' to you! Creative mind needed.

Most of my friends works in stressful conditions.

I sometimes cry hearing their story...

When I was younger, I often wondered why bad things happen to good people. I really do. I wish I have a decanter of joy that I could pour on to my dear friends who faced those daily with no ways to get out of it.

But this article gives me hope...

It gives me hope that in the future for me I can make it happen too.

Creative mind is priceless. That is an asset. That is something valuable and needs to be cultivated.

One day I do wish to visit 5 out of the 6 companies mentioned that I believe are pot of ideas for my upcoming projects. Certainly hope there is a chance. Err, one of the company mentioned... hmm... does not interest me a bit. Lol. Not telling.

Let us create a workplace that is healthy and mentally nourishing for us. Especially to young parents. You need that. Let me try to work that out for you. Thank you for this post. Made my day.

Oh BTW, BFM radio station should be in the list. They rock too!

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