What The Phu Quoc?! Here’s The Ultimate Island You Never Knew About

If you love white sands and cable car rides over turquoise oceans, Phu Quoc should be next on your travel list.

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Now you can fly directly to your dream island destination, Phu Quoc in Vietnam, with AirAsia

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For island and beach enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Because AirAsia now has direct flights to Phu Quoc four times a week, with all-in members fare one way from RM90.

Booking Period: 8 Aug - 19 Aug 2018
Travel Period: 2 Nov 2018 - 29 Mar 2019

Here are the best things you can do there:

1. Ride the world's longest cable car to Pineapple Island

At almost 8km long, this ride will transport you from Phu Quoc Island to Pineapple Island while you enjoy a breathtaking view of the turquoise ocean below. Once you're there, you can choose to chill at one of the beaches or spend the day at Hon Thom Nature Park, a water amusement park at the centre of the island.

2. Sink your feet into the soft white sand at Long Beach

The largest and most popular beach on Phu Quoc island, Long Beach is where you’ll find all the resorts, restaurants, and tourist-related activities. But most importantly, this is where you get to enjoy long stretches of soft white sand (up to 20km), clear blue waters, and beautiful sunsets.

3. Take a history lesson at Coconut Tree Prison

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Coconut Tree Prison played a major role in the island's history as a prison island. Inside the prison, you’ll see depictions of the conditions that inmates had to endure during the Vietnam War, a time that saw up to 40,000 Vietnamese soldiers being held by the Americans in this place.

4. Eat and live like the locals at Ham Ninh Village

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Get a feel for how the locals in Phu Quoc live at this fishing village located on the east side of the island. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll also get to enjoy local delicacies like sea cucumber at an affordable price. Once you’re done with dinner, head over to Bai Vong Port, a picturesque pier that extends far into the ocean.

5. Swing on the palm trees at Bai Sao Beach

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Another beach with smooth sand and clear waters, Bai Sao Beach offers rows of palm trees for that perfect Instagram swing shot. Come here during October or September, and you'll be likely to see starfish on the shore. For the more adventurous traveller, you can also try out kite surfing along this pretty stretch.

6. Dive and see corals at the An Thoi Islands

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A little off the southern end of Phu Quoc Island, you'll find a collection of 15 smaller islands that come together to form the An Thoi Islands. Take a boat trip for the day and enjoy swimming, fishing, and snorkelling in these crystal waters with stunning coral reefs.

7. Enjoy the natural beauty of Suoi Tranh Waterfall

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While this waterfall may not be the tallest, its beauty is still evident nonetheless. Surrounded by lush rainforests, caves, and rock pools, Suoi Tranh Waterfall is a nice change of scenery. And if you venture past the waterfall, you'll eventually reach Hang Doi—a bat cave with magnificent natural stalactites.

8. Visit Phu Quoc National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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Of the entire Phu Quoc island, around 90 percent of it is forested. In fact, Phu Quoc National Park covers more than half of the island itself, so it's no wonder that the park was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010. Here, you can see all kinds of flora and fauna while strolling through the walking trails.

9. Explore Vinpearl Safari, the largest zoo in Vietnam

Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park brings you up close and personal with your favourite animals in their authentic, natural habitat. You can choose to walk around the open zoo with a surrounding moat or hop into a specialised vehicle for a safari experience unlike any other.

10. Spice up your trip at Phu Quoc pepper farms

Phu Quoc pepper is considered the best variety of pepper in all of Asia, so you'll definitely want to see where it is grown. There are a few plantations around the island that you can visit without a guided tour. Just remember to buy uncrushed peppercorn if you're planning to bring it home to maintain its flavour.

With AirAsia, you can now fly direct to Phu Quoc four times a week. Click here to find out how you can plan your next trip today!

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